Sunday, May 25, 2008

TaeKwon-Do Tournament

16th Annual TaeKwon-Do Tournament
Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia (IMAAM)
25 May 2008
Kg. Pandan Sports Complex

video ini bukan untuk tontonan umum! -__-" (huhu.. saya upload utk seseorang je sebenarnye.. but better at my own personal blog than youtube)
Black Belt Open
Category: below 50 kg
total participants: 3 ONLY O__o"

Nihlah vs. Faiz- 1st round

Nihlah vs. Faiz- 2nd round result : WIN

Aizat vs. Nihlah - 1st round

Aizat vs. Nihlah - 2nd round result : LOSE =P

actually, i haven't sparred in tournaments for the past 3 years -__-" that's because - SADLY - there are no girls for me to fight T__T there's another girl actually, but she's not that active and she didn't bring her uniform even though i did remind her!! *sobs*sobs* urm, other girls? they're school kids! i won't bully them in the ring O__o"

so i ended up determined to fight the guys. i fight them in my trainings pun, so it's not a very big deal actually. sparring kali ni pulak dengan budak sekolah O__o" both 1st Dan pulak tu.. kesian diorang.. tapi nak buat macam mana tu memang adat ITF tournaments.. as long as we're in the same weight category..

aha. maybe some of you guys think - takpe ke perempuan lawan dengan lelaki??? urm, well, i'm not going to give out any dalil or anything T__T but my stand is - THIS IS the place for me to know my actual capabilities. what if one day, na'uzubillah, i get attacked by some strangers? at least i won't be the one yelling and crying but do nothing to fight back, right?

oh, btw, i competed in pattern too..

Category: Senior Individual Pattern 2nd & 3rd Dan (degree) total participants: 4 ONLY! lawan dengan Talhah (refer pic below: the guy on my right). both of us did Choong Jang (one of the 2nd Dan pattern). i would have faced a greater challenge if Hafiz, Najib n Arez participated. but they didn't! -__-"

so i brought home 2 silver medals this year ^__^


taqeyyabella said...


Wah, seronoknya!!

Hukum sparring ngan laki-no problem

Dulu slalu gak sparring ngan pompuan.. Rindunya Serdang Teakwando Academy..

Terkenang championship kat UM pada tahun 1997 [wah, 11 tahun lalu!!] peringkat Selangor dan wilayah persekutuan..

Satu soalan WTF dengan ITF beza dia apa eh? Saya dulu WTF.. long.. long .. time ago..

mujahid said...

huhu cOoL ^_^

illusionist said...
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MamaMimi said...

that's why you have to teach me...then we can start sparring together hahahaha! :D