Tuesday, May 06, 2008

nela loves ummi & abah!

"Once upon a time, you were all so very small, so very fragile and so in need of attention. Once upon a time, business was just growing, expansion wasn't really happening and life was just moving.

At this point of time, success breeds success and children have grown considerably bigger, more capable of managing their own lives with their own resources.

Worry less about Umi or Abah not being around to care for you, worry more that you wouldn't be around to care for Umi and Abah now and in the later years.

For it should not be of how much they love us but of how much we love them."

i think, taking a step into a whole new life is not walking on a new path, but it's more of walking on a wider road instead. more things to think of, more challenges and tests by Allah. but it's still the same road that we walk on since we were born - whether we want to crawl, walk or run, never ever forget to do one thing:

LOVE AND CARE for our parents.

allhumma ighfirlana zunubana wa li walidaina warhamhuma kama rabbayana soghira

thank you Ost Azmil for the reminder!

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:) said...

subhanallah..amat menyentuh..
ameen ya Rabb..