Tuesday, May 30, 2006


09th April 06

Oh yesterday the three of us slept for at least 12 hours. It was damn cold in our apartment, colder than outside (we really wonder why! Perhaps it’s bcoz of the marble floor…? Allahu a’lam…) and all we do was wrapped ourselves in blankets, and soon fell asleep. We didn’t go out because our lecturer from Zarqa Private University was suppose to come but didn’t for some reasons.

So we haven’t started any classes. I haven’t spoken any Arabic for real. Kak Maziah did, for she have more vocabs and at least can communicate with the apartment owner like cats and dogs. One speaks fushah and the native speaker doesn’t.

Hmm I can’t believe I’m sleepy again!!! Ughh… Well today have just started. Nothing to write yet. I’ll continue later.


I’m back!!!
We had no rest today- Went for a visit to Roman Theatre near Amman City Centre. Amman’s a city with many people, and many taxis… Every second you’re on the street, you’ll see cabs here and there, non-stop, horning pedestrians asking whether they would want a ride.

I soon realised that I’m kinda in love with Amman. I mean, yea it’s hectic and dusty and not that beautiful compared to KL, but the new environment IS nice and comfortable, although the weather’s damn cold and our apartment is like a refrigerator (believe me, it’s colder than outside!) and we have to wear sweaters and stockings indoors. Even shoes actually. The floor’s tiled with marble and at times, when I’m not wearing socks, my feet will stick onto the floor and something like electricity will come in between. Just like when you touch ice as soon as you pull out the ice tray from the freezer and it’ll stick onto your fingers. Uh--- that’s how you can imagine the frost.

In the morning, vapour (is it vapours BTW?) will come out of our mouth as we speak. Afternoon sun is as warm as in Malaysia but windy and pretty cold. During the night- hahahh… God knows how I wish I had brought more sweaters. 10 degrees centigrade is the average.
Tapi sejuk2 pun pakai vest aje. Sweater bagi Kak Maziah pinjam pasal dye tak bawak. Huhu...

Well hmm… I’ll certainly return to Amman after my Engineering degree, nsyaAllah, at least for a visit.

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