Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Missed 10 days of memories!!!

24th April 2006

It’s been 10 days since I wrote what happened! Huhuhu… Pardon me… This evening, I suddenly feel like I miss the KARISMA International family. Yesterday chatted with Kak Yam J for about an hour Oh it was soooo exiting. Mase tu rase macam nk cerita smua mender,,, tapi ntah cakap ni cakap tu, tak ingat ape pun ape yg dah cakap. Hehehe…

On the 15th we went to as-Salt, where maqam Prophet Shu’aib (as) was located. It’s pretty cold in as-Salt, and I regretted not wearing extra clothing. It rained that day if I’m not mistaken… or the day after…? Anyway, anyone feeling down often tested by Allah with illness, remember the life of Prophet Shu’aib... May we be thankful for each and everything we get.

And on 17th April we went to Jabal Hussein and ate Shawarma. People say it’s one of the best Shawarma in Amman… and indeed it is!

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