Tuesday, May 30, 2006

اللغة العربية

10th April 2006

Classes at Markaz al-Thaqafiyyah al-Faransa started. We joined the 1st Level! I’m not boasting or anything, but they’re teaching ismi Nihlah- ana Malayziyyeh- sakne fi Amman fi Abu Nuseir- etc etc. Huhuhu… The only confusing thing is that we’re learning Ammi instead of Fushah. They don’t offer Fushah Arabic there. I wonder why should we learn such since we’re only staying here for two months and will return to Malaysia, where we will not use even a little percentage of Ammi Arabic. Some error has been done (i.e. we shouldn’t have gone to that Markaz in the first place) and we’re still figuring out how to continue on…
- picture from left: kak maziah & nihlah -

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