Tuesday, May 30, 2006


07th April 2006

Bapil (real name: Hani Jibril Mohd Aris) fetched us at the airport and brought us to our apartment in Abu Nuseir. The temperature was 10 degrees, and we weren’t wearing any extra clothing. The apartment was really nice & comfy, tapi bantal sikit punye keras la sakit leher gak. Haha ye la, dah kat umah dok guna bantal isi goose feather & another for my backbone... Anyways, the apartment was complete. From kitchen utensils, TV, washing machine – apartment la – to phone & internet line, all complete. But internet line dial-up and mahal. Baik pegi CC, which is just down the street. Oh our phone no here is +962799643883. Oh, but the radiator wasn’t working coz we haven’t bought the gas and it was just yesterday that the water heater operated. We survived one and a half day with freezing cold water that could make our hands numb.

Anyways, this morning we were suppose to sit for our placement test – a speaking test. We went to Markaz al-Thaqafiyyah al-Faransa (they teach English, Arabic & French there) but the attendant told us that there won’t be any placement test and asked us to come back on Monday, join the 1st level class twice and the lecturer will determine our level. So we headed back home.

We cooked our first meal a couple of hours ago. An early lunch that is. For the very first time we cooked on our own without help from anyone. Ehem~ I, in particular. Tapi sedap wooo… Rase macam tak pecaya sendiri yang masak. Tak penah-penah tanak nasi kat umah, menjadi je. Haha.. Ni sebab takde rice cooker, jadi buat masak dlm periuk macam camping la… Hwahwahwah… Tanye nape makan nasi? Sebab tak nak makan maggi.
Dua bulan lagi… Tukar-tukar menu laa…

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