Monday, May 26, 2008

Usrah yang Lazat & Lemak Berkrim!

i got tagged by Dhany & Mujahid...

[1*] Berapa lama anda dah sertai usrah?

first time masa Junior High 1.. 12 tahun.. dengan Allahyarham Teacher Wan Zarinah (wife Pakcik Zaid Presiden JIM) tapi tak konsisten + terlalu ramai orang (berbelas-belas) -> jadi tak reti menghargai..
start appreciate usrah masa final year kat high school.. lebih kurang 16 tahun.. tapi tak konsisten jugak, sbb schedule belajar yg sgt pack..

[2*] Bagaimana anda boleh sertai usrah?

masa kat sekolah dulu, wajib. tapi setahun boleh kira kot berapa kali.. tapi tak kira huhu..
masa kat matric UIA, Iman Jeffrey (my ex-classmate @ schoolmate) yang offer ^__^ alhamdulillah!

[3*] Kenapa anda menyertai usrah?

sebab memang best!
it holds me up and forces me to walk.. it teaches me the real purpose of my life.. it constantly reminds me of my responsibilities

[4*] Tiga perasaan anda setelah menyertai usrah

i- tenang
ii- 'hyper-active' - tak reti duduk diam XDXD
iii- risau - sbb sgt ramai orang lain yg tak kenal @ tak appreciate usrah

[5*] Lima perkara yang anda dapat selama menyertai usrah

i- allahu ghoyatuna
ii- ar-rasul qudwatuna
iii- ilmu & kefahaman
iv- ukhuwwah lillahi ta'ala
v- tanggungjawab

Peraturan Tag:
1. Setiap blogger mesti letakkan peraturan ini di hujung entri
2. Blogger yang ditag perlu menjawab soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan
3. Blogger yang ditag perlu meletakkan jawapan di dalam entri blog masing-masing
4. Jangan lupa untuk tag rakan-rakan blogger yang lain
5. Jangan lupa untuk maklumkan bahawa mereka telah ditag dan perlu membaca blog anda
6. Blogger yang ditag dikehendaki untuk tag lima orang blogger yang lain

Saya tag:
1- Kak Maryam J!
2- ukhti anisah ali
3- akhi masuri
4- akhi hafiz jenggo
5- sesiapa yang ingin berkongsi pengalaman ^__^

Sunday, May 25, 2008

TaeKwon-Do Tournament

16th Annual TaeKwon-Do Tournament
Independent Martial Arts Academy Malaysia (IMAAM)
25 May 2008
Kg. Pandan Sports Complex

video ini bukan untuk tontonan umum! -__-" (huhu.. saya upload utk seseorang je sebenarnye.. but better at my own personal blog than youtube)
Black Belt Open
Category: below 50 kg
total participants: 3 ONLY O__o"

Nihlah vs. Faiz- 1st round

Nihlah vs. Faiz- 2nd round result : WIN

Aizat vs. Nihlah - 1st round

Aizat vs. Nihlah - 2nd round result : LOSE =P

actually, i haven't sparred in tournaments for the past 3 years -__-" that's because - SADLY - there are no girls for me to fight T__T there's another girl actually, but she's not that active and she didn't bring her uniform even though i did remind her!! *sobs*sobs* urm, other girls? they're school kids! i won't bully them in the ring O__o"

so i ended up determined to fight the guys. i fight them in my trainings pun, so it's not a very big deal actually. sparring kali ni pulak dengan budak sekolah O__o" both 1st Dan pulak tu.. kesian diorang.. tapi nak buat macam mana tu memang adat ITF tournaments.. as long as we're in the same weight category..

aha. maybe some of you guys think - takpe ke perempuan lawan dengan lelaki??? urm, well, i'm not going to give out any dalil or anything T__T but my stand is - THIS IS the place for me to know my actual capabilities. what if one day, na'uzubillah, i get attacked by some strangers? at least i won't be the one yelling and crying but do nothing to fight back, right?

oh, btw, i competed in pattern too..

Category: Senior Individual Pattern 2nd & 3rd Dan (degree) total participants: 4 ONLY! lawan dengan Talhah (refer pic below: the guy on my right). both of us did Choong Jang (one of the 2nd Dan pattern). i would have faced a greater challenge if Hafiz, Najib n Arez participated. but they didn't! -__-"

so i brought home 2 silver medals this year ^__^

Thursday, May 22, 2008

baca email?

tell me

do you read every single email
that comes into your inbox and other folders???

i'm really stressed out bcoz someone is forcing me to do that.

it's my life, i can do whatever i want!

man i really hate this feeling

Monday, May 19, 2008

koko krunch!!

i was chatting with my best-est friend about koko krunch, pastu browse for koko crunch images
and i found this cute food!! eee!! rase macam nak gigit je!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teachers Day!

nah, untuk guru-guruku,
Terima Kasih Guru Pendidik! ^__^

the idea came up last minute. i actually wanted to just dedicate the song, but then it's like too lame (living in this era of technology). haha.. so i searched for my pictures back-ups - stored in like, urm, 10 CDs - copied relevant pictures to my just-recently-formatted laptop, and did the piece..

i really hope you will like it ^__^

please leave some comments ya ;)

p/s: i'm very sorry coz i don't have the pics of some teachers..
especially Teacher Rasyidah & Teacher Revina T__T also Teacher Salmi & Teacher Azimah..

passed through

i was super-duper frustrated with my MicroP quiz
the lecturer made some 'communication' mistakes in question 2 and 3 (4/10 marks) but 'covered' it all up by manipulating statements, causing me to lose that 4 marks. i mean, the questions were simple calculations but the terms used were confusing! seriously!

ugh! and it's like, maybe, about 1.2 marks out of this 3 credit subject!!! and i'm not sure if i get the remaining 60% perfectly correct.
is it worth not attending the memorandum submission to the UN?

T__T *sobs*sobs*

i wrote on a paper telling my lecturer i want to get the h**l out of the class,
and i left, in the middle of the lecture. i mean, of course, politely, and he actually didn't even read what i wrote. he knew that paper means i wanted to leave.

i rushed to pick up some karisma-international guys, but strayed onto the wrong road from gombak (on the way to sentol!). i made a rough, illegal U-turn, but by the time we were back on MRR2, Kak Dijah called telling me that the crowed was about to disperse.

T__T *sobs*sobs*

you don't tell me, i'll tell you.
yes, there are of course hikmah behind everything that happens. attend the quiz, being late, terlajak masuk lorong yang salah.
i guess Allah didn't want to let me go to the UN building in the first place. for the safety of some people dear to me, i guess. or anything better.

although still frustrated, i feel much better because i don't just sit doing no effort. i could have rushed from Gombak to Damansara in 15 minutes (recorded in my driving history, with two passengers) and not care to pick up those guys, but i did pick them up. why? they should know.

and better, because i already had the intention to go, and a little bit of action. hehe. thanks to kak dijah for the cool idea. too bad i didn't have a palestine flag and muffler with me.


i still feel sad for not being able to attend the international conference in Jakarta, but it's okay.. if i go then i might have to stand in front of 250 people.. uh-oh~ public speaking isn't that bad nowadays, but i still shake in front there.. huhu.. >__<

i like attending Dr. Sigit's class - Signals & Systems. although sometimes i can't really focus during his two-hour classes O__o" but he's starting to write in Japanese on the whiteboard n teaching us some words related to the subject in Japanese. and he even wished "gambatte kudasai" for our assignment. ahaha~ it's fun because i understand what he said a little (thanks to Naruto =P), compared to listening and reading Latin and German last year -__-"

eheh ^__^
i passed, alhamdulillah..

baby NabiLL & uncle Pooh ^__^

ahaha~ ^__^
jahat betul kite kan =P

d story goes like this :
uncle Abang & uncle Adik panggil Nabil
no, pronounce the "L" macam ade huruf "u"
and the "L" is doubled!
macam ni = NabiuLL..
but jangan sebut the letter u..

ahaha.. macam mana nak explain ??? XDXD

ada rupa kakak kan? hehe..
ngan hidung abg amin..
comel sangaaaaaat!!! rase nak gigit je!

haa ni pulak??
haha~ Abah yang ajar ni..
bulat boy a.k.a. winnie the pooh
round eyes chubby cheeks double chin
comel sangat jugak!!!
** sorry ye Ibrahim XD **

Nabil one-month old | Ibrahim 7-months old

Thursday, May 15, 2008

!!!3#^+@(-$#*!@)*-8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'm soOoOo !!!3#^+@(-$#*!@)*-8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it means angry + furious + disappointed + stressed out + !!!3#^+@(-$#*!@)*-8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i mean, i was planning and SUPPOSED TO join the memorandum submission (on Nakbah - 60 years of Israeli occupation on Palestine) to the UN office tomorrow at 10 a.m., but my Microprocessor lecturer decided to have an extra class tomorrow at 10 a.m. and woRst-- there's another QUIZ!

and he even make up the quizzes as he likes! O__o"
for the past 3 weeks,
the first quiz question - during the first 20 minutes of the first class! - was some simple calculus - that was acceptable..
then the second quiz - there wasn't any question related to what we learn in the previous class
the third quiz - he decided to do an adhock quiz on the topic we learn that day
and the quiz this morning - everything but none on our reading assignment

can you just imagine how much stress is now accumulated inside me!

and i'm 99% sure of not going for my TKD training tomorrow bcoz i've to attend another program and that means I CAN'T let go of all the stress at once. seriously, i wish i have a punching bag right now! -__-"


ok. that reminds me of something nice about my MicroP lecturer. he likes to tell us stories.

there's this woman got an offer to work hundreds of kilometers offshore on a gas platform. and the first thing she had to do there was to wear a life jacket, climb up the ladder up to the fourth storey, and jump into the sea! i suppose that must be one of the emergency safety drills or whatever-they're-called, and it's either she jump willingly or someone should push her into the sea (from the fourth storey!).
finally someone had to push her. and so she splashed into the sea from about 40 meters above sea level.
and today, if she got stressed out, she'll definitely put on the life jacket and jumps from the fourth storey into the sea.

oh i think i want to try that. but i'll not work offshore. they don't need electronic engineers there i suppose..


anyway, back to the frustrating situation i'm stuck in,
it seems that i will not join the demo tomorrow.

or nevermind to skip one of the quizzes for this semester? it might take up about 2-3% out of the 3-credit Microprocessor & Interfacing subject..

i don't know.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

60 tahun Nakbah Palestin!

60 tahun Nakbah (malapetaka) pembentukan Negara Haram Israel sejak 15hb Mei 1948

Istilah Nakbah mungkin adalah satu perkataan yang agak asing bagi sebahagian rakyat Malaysia melainkan buat mereka yang benar-benar prihatin mengenai isu umat Islam antarabangsa terutamanya di Palestin.

NAKBAH bermaksud malapetaka atau bencana besar. Manakala Nakbah Palestin merujuk kepada penubuhan Negara Haram Israel yang telah diistiharkan secara resminya pada 15hb Mei 1948. Peristiwa ini berlaku selepas terlaksananya kependudukan dan penjajahan haram oleh rejim Yahudi Zionis ke atas tanah dan penduduk asal Negara Palestin secara sistematik dengan bantuan British dan PBB. Tarikh penting tersebut adalah detik hitam buat penduduk asal bumi Palestin, orang-orang Arab dan dunia Islam secara keseluruhannya. Negara Palestin yang selama ini telah dinaungi kedamaian dan keadilan untuk ribuan tahun itu semakin merasai keperitan, kepedihan dan derita yang berpanjangan apabila mereka berada di bawah jajahan dan kongkongan Yahudi Zionis sejak enam dekad yang lalu.

click here read more!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

kena tag!!


first time kena tag O__o"
takpe lah, sebab Kak WM dah buat tol, jadi saya pun kena bayar sikit. huhu.. (padahal ada quiz esok!)

5 gifts:
1. me = nihlah = gift ^__^ hehehe
1. ziarah & beribadah di Masjid al-Haram, Masjid an-Nabawi, Masjid al-Aqsa
2. pembebasan umat Islam dari kuffar & zionis laknatullah!
3. academic scholarship (tapi kena naikkan pointer! O__o")
4. hilangnya penyakit bergelar sakit kepala dari atas muka bumi ni. urm, i'm exaggerating.
5. menikah secepat mungkin (heh heh =P)

5 reasons for the above:
1. i REALLY want to go! pergi ke sana adalah salah satu cara utk lebih mendekatkan diri pada Rabb, kan?
2. they're destroying lives! fighting them is an obligation, right? jom kejar pahala!
3. i don't want to burden other people with things i need
4. 8 years of headaches is, without doubt, 'cracking' my brain. i need at least a break! for me, and for all who suffer!
5. kenapa? tak boleh ke??? -O__O-

5 impression to the ones that I admire:
1. draw me closer to my Creator
2. nice to everyone, respected by everybody
3. knowledgable and 'full of wisdom'
4. capable of making me really do as they say & want
5. honest, in whatever situation

Best thing he ever did for me:
he conveyed the very important message to us,
he taught us how to live this life,
he loved us as his brothers,
and he cared for us even until his last breath..

5 greatest inventions:
1. urm, do Allah's creations count? - human, and every single entity of this whole universe
2. artificial intelligence (robots, computers, etc)
3. microprocessors & microcomputers
4. multimedia with superb graphics, animations & sounds
5. stargate & ancient warships including puddle jumpers. (ahaha!!! i'm a fan of this science fiction movie since i was a kid!)

5 most hated:
1. those who go against Islam
2. headache
3. orang 'bayang-bayang' yang tak diundang
4. nightmares badan orang kena kerat-kerat
5. loneliness

i tag:
1. Anisah Ali
2. Paan a.k.a. Farhana Norazman
3. Mujahid (but i doubt he'll do this =P)
4. Tuan Azmil
5. kamu yg terfikir "alaa kenapa takde nama saya???" ^__^

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

nela loves ummi & abah!

"Once upon a time, you were all so very small, so very fragile and so in need of attention. Once upon a time, business was just growing, expansion wasn't really happening and life was just moving.

At this point of time, success breeds success and children have grown considerably bigger, more capable of managing their own lives with their own resources.

Worry less about Umi or Abah not being around to care for you, worry more that you wouldn't be around to care for Umi and Abah now and in the later years.

For it should not be of how much they love us but of how much we love them."

i think, taking a step into a whole new life is not walking on a new path, but it's more of walking on a wider road instead. more things to think of, more challenges and tests by Allah. but it's still the same road that we walk on since we were born - whether we want to crawl, walk or run, never ever forget to do one thing:

LOVE AND CARE for our parents.

allhumma ighfirlana zunubana wa li walidaina warhamhuma kama rabbayana soghira

thank you Ost Azmil for the reminder!

KONSIS Zon Tengah

Konvensyen Mahasiswa Nasional
KONSIS Zon Tengah
2-4 Mei 2008

i finally decided to just join the liqa' for facilitators,
hoping to see many other faces,
so that i don't have to feel like cutting myself into three.. huhu..
alhamdulillah, Allah made it easier for me ^__^

jadi part-time faci yg duduk dlm group on the first day je

booth KrafHati & KARISMA International (dgn bendera Palestin)
da sweet couple Fadhli n Kak MJ & Sulafa'

eh eh, ni jaga gerai mana ni?? sebelah laa.. hehe
Mujahid n Azree

animasi nasyid Bingkai Kehidupan by Bro Bai
barisan faci akhawat qowiyy! hehe..

credits to my "NJ 510"
aka Sony Ericsson K610i for the pics! hehee~ ^__^