Sunday, June 29, 2008


when we were on the PD trip, Solehah told me:
"nela, masa sekolah dulu kan, kita ingat migraine awak tipu je oh.. bila kita belajar medic ni baru kita tau..."

uh-oh.. indeed, the truth is, i get that a lot. well, not directly spoken to me, but there are many pairs of eyes who look at me that way.. more than 5 years ago, that expression used to hurt me, but i soon learn that not everyone cares about things they don't experience first-hand..
btw, my doctor & i didn't call my headaches migraines until last year..

so, about MIGRAINES..
i got this link from the migraineur mailing list i subscribe to earlier this year. it proved to be helpful in motivating me for the past few months.. you know, especially when knowing the experience other migraineurs from all over the world and what they face.. like suffering from migraines for the past 40 - i repeat, FORTY - years.. and having a six - yes, SIX - year old child who start to have migraine attacks.. and living with a spouse who doesn't understand migraines and migraineurs..

experts said migraines are genetic things.. but i find no one in my family who suffer the same thing.. except that I'm quite worried about my younger brother Musa. he started to complain about headaches a couple of times since last year, and now he's frequently having back pains - which i too suffer from when i was a teen.

RE: Understanding Migraine Disease and Migraineurs
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If you're reading this, someone close to you is a Migraineur, someone diagnosed with Migraine, a genetic neurological disease. Migraine is one of the most misunderstood, underdiagnosed and undertreated of all diseases. Unless you've experienced the pain and other debilitating symptoms of Migraine yourself, it is very difficult to comprehend. It is not an exaggeration to say that some people have committed suicide to escape the pain. In addition to the extreme head pain, Migraine can be accompanied by other symptoms including nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, temporary loss of vision, inability to concentrate, difficulty in speaking/finding the right words, depression, panic attacks, and far more. The slightest movement can cause such pain that Migraineurs have described it as "an ice pick in my eye," "my head breaking into pieces," and "my brain exploding." To put it plainly, Migraine can be absolutely devastating.

Here are some basics about Migraine Disease that you should know:

  • Based on the most recent U.S. census statistics, Migraine Disease affects nearly 36 million people in the United States alone.
  • Migraines are NOT headaches. Migraine is a genetic neurological disease, similar in some ways to Epilepsy. The head pain of a Migraine attack is only one symptom of an episode of Migraine Disease, just as a seizure is only one symptom of an episode of Epilepsy.
  • Migraine Disease is NOT a psychological disorder. The Disease and all it's symptoms are neurological in origin and very, very real. Migraineurs are not neurotic, lazy, "high-strung," overly emotional, or faking. They are in very real pain and physical distress.
  • Not all doctors have the experience and knowledge to properly treat Migraine. Finding a doctor to properly treat Migraine is one of the most important, and sometimes most difficult, steps in treatment.
  • There is NO CURE for Migraine. Most Migraineurs, with the help of a qualified doctor, can find preventive regimens that will prevent many, but not all, Migraine attacks.
  • Migraine abortive medications such as Imitrex, Zomig, Maxalt, Amerge, Axert, DHE, and Migranal, do not work for all Migraineurs. It is sometimes very difficult to find medications that will relieve the pain and other symptoms of a Migraine attack.
  • Migraine attacks can be dangerous. If the pain of an attack lasts more than 72 hours with less than four pain-free hours while awake, it is termed Status Migrainousus, and puts the sufferer at increased risk for stroke. A Migraineur in Status Migrainousus needs immediate medical attention.
  • A Migraine attack can, in rare cases, actually be fatal. An otherwise healthy 21-year-old member of our community died of a Migrainous Stroke in November, 2001.
  • Migraine Disease can be disabling for some Migraineurs to the extent that they qualify for disability income or qualify for the Americans with Disability Act provisions. There are many whose Disease is so severe that doctors are unable to control the attacks, and the Migraineur is unable to work or participate in "normal" daily activities. When a Migraine attack strikes, most Migraineurs desperately need a dark, quiet place to lie down.

    Migraine attacks can be triggered by many things:
  • Perfumes and fragrances from other sources are a very common Migraine trigger. If you live or work with a Migraineur, please refrain from wearing fragrances around them.
  • Bright and/or flickering lights, especially fluorescent lighting -- some Migraineurs need to wear sunglasses, even inside.
  • Many foods can be triggers, especially foods prepared with MSG.
  • Loud noises and crowded places can also be triggers.
  • Changes in weather are triggers for many Migraineurs.
  • Cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes
  • Each Migraineur's triggers vary. There are many other potential triggers. This list is just a beginning.
  • Stress is NOT a Migraine trigger. It is what is called an exacerbating factor that makes Migraineurs more susceptible to their triggers just as stress makes anyone more susceptible to the virus that brings on the common cold.
The Migraineur(s) in your life need your help and understanding. They need you to realize that they cannot help being ill, they are not "having headaches for attention," and they are sometimes unable to care for themselves. If they need medical attention, they need someone to take them and be with them. As well as being extremely painful physically, Migraine can be devastating emotionally and to relationships and careers. Since the disease is so misunderstood, Migraineurs often feel alone, isolated, and desolate. They also often feel guilty because they are not able to "be there" for their family and friends as much as they want to be and because they may have to miss days of work. The Migraineur(s) you know need not only your help with getting their medicines and any medical care they may need; they need your moral support every bit as badly. A good, solid support system is as important to Migraineurs as their health care teams. YOU are very important to them. That's why it's important that you understand Migraine.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email me at


Teri Robert

©Teri Robert, 2001 - 2007

it has been nearly 8 years of suffering from migraines, and I'd really like to thank my beloved Ummi for everything.. for spending thousands of RM each year to help my headaches not to reach it's max - i believe that what i've experienced all these years are just a percentage of what other migraineurs are facing, and for trying her best to help me escape from being miserable..
i have to admit that there are many times when i feel like giving up my meds bcoz they seemed to be either not working at all or at least my body somehow don't react positively after sometime, but Ummi keeps on encouraging me, like saying "take your medication RELIGIOUSLY" when i feel so tired of swallowing dozens of pills/med tablets each day..
also i think it's not too early and not too late to say thanks to a particular someone who have been going into the mess of trying to understand migraines i guess for my sake.. remind me to take my meds everyday.. and always telling me to be patient and strong..
of course, thanks to Dr. Kader too, who have been very patient with me although i'm not really religiously taking things as he prescribed for me.. i've not shown him my Headache Diary yet since early this year coz i've not had my 'medical visitation' for the past 4 months i guess..

and i am really, really sorry too for dragging all of you into my pain!


SleeplessInKL said...

The article is right - people who have not gone through the experience first hand may not understand what you suffer from. I get migraines now and then. Even though my attacks are not as prolonged as yours, I know what it's like be crippled by the maddening, throbbing pain, which gets so bad at times that I resort to knocking on my head with my fist. Be patient, be strong and remind yourself that God will not burden you with something that you cannot bear.

Nihlah Johari said...

yep2.. Allah will not burden me with anything i cannot bear..

thank you!

Frank said...

Moga Allah mengampuni segala dosa...

Dari Ibnu Mas'ud r.a., katanya: Saya memasuki tempat Nabi s.a.w. dan beliau sedang dihinggapi penyakit panas. Saya lalu berkata: "Ya Rasulullah, sesungguhnya Tuan dihinggapi penyakit panas yang amat sangat." Beliau kemudian bersabda: "Benar, sesungguhnya saya terkena panas sebagaimana panas dua orang dari engkau semua yang menjadi satu." Saya berkata lagi: "Kalau demikian Tuan tentulah mendapatkan dua kali pahala." Beliau bersabda: "Benar, demikianlah memang keadaannya, tiada seorang Muslimpun yang terkena oleh sesuatu kesakitan, baik itu berupa duri ataupun sesuatu yang lebih dari itu, melainkan Allah pasti menutupi kesalahan-kesalahannya dengan sebab mushibah yang mengenainya tadi dan diturunkanlah dosa-dosanya sebagaimana sebuah pohon menurunkan daunnya - dan ini jikalau disertai kesabaran."(Muttafaq 'alaih)

uswah said...

hehe, sgt faham.. kite pun ade migrain.. tapi mild je. Mama kite ade migrain gak n dienye agak teruk.. kalo time teruk, 3 hari stret, dok atas katil je die.

aanyway, mild2 pun, mmg menyakitkan sgt bile kena tu. I'm super sensitive dengan bau-bauan & bunyi-bunyian yg bising. Penah mase kat workshop engin, pitam sbb denga bunyik electric-saw yg sgt bingit.

hehe..sabar ajelaaa...

ayat said...

salaam, buat nihlah yang sentiasa disayangi.. terus-terang, ayat kurang faham psl migrain ni. jgn kata migrain, sakit kepala pun terlalu jarang ayat dpt. tak ingat bila kali terakhir sakit kepala. bertahun-tahun dulu kot. tp alhamdulillah.
Allah uji ayat bhgn lain rasanya..
i still remember an sms i sent to you waktu 2nd yr dulu.. bila u replied, rasa bersalah gile.. seriously, i smmgnya tak faham. tapi at least, cube la memahami. skrg ni ada roommate yg selalu sakit kepala, pernah tertanya dia, camne rase sakit paler eh? (mmg nak kene lempang).. the least i can do, tolong picit paler dia bila dia mintak..
buat nihlah, nak tolong 1 perkara.. tapi mungkin dah pernah dengar sbb produk ni meletup kat semenanjung. it really works, alhamdulillah.. some sort of water filter, tapi different from others.. at least, byk testimonies. takyah gi jauh2, family sendiri pon ada testimonies tersendiri. salah satu sakit yang boleh dirawat (dgn izin Allah) adlh migrain. boleh try.
semoga Allah limpahkan kesabaran dan tetapkan nihlah di atas jalanNya.
sayang nihlah.
ni web add produk tu

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said...

so what's ur trigger nela?

WF:ciktim said...

nela, Allah sayang orang sakit.
kite tgk sakit awk, penyeri hidup awk.
cam kite takde sakit fizikal cam awak, asyik sakit emo je.
nela kuat!
ALlahu Akbar!