Sunday, June 08, 2008

my e-mails are going @#&^Q@(#%&#

all my three e-mails are going nuts!

i heard gmail is having some server problem, so that's okay for the time being...

but for days already i can't even access my yahoomail - except from my bro's Mac!
my bro said it must be too heavy - yeah, but not even 50% of the whole -what- 1 gig yahoomail (free) offer that my PC cannot load it..


if i want to buy a mac, i'll have to wait for this PC to be at least 2 years old.. hmm.. but then i'll have to find my own $$$$ hehehh..

so sorry guys if u can't reach me by mail. plz contact me via phone (altho it'll without doubt make me stressed out pretty soon huhu..)


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