Saturday, June 14, 2008

e x a m lagi!

exam again -__-"

without realizing it, i've spent 3 long (4-months) semesters & 2 short (2.5-months) semesters in my engineering course. 2 and a half years to go.. i really hope i'll go through well, and increase my CGPA!! uh-oh.. my CGPA maintained since my first sem, alhamdulillah..

i have Microprocessor final exam this Monday. seriously, i have no confidence in facing the paper. the lecturer didn't post up the carry marks as he promised, and at the same time he said majority screwed up the mid-term exam. tak encouraging langsung! T__T

i hope I'll be doing Signals n Systems well.. i don't want to be over-confident with the not-so-high carry marks i have now.. i have to do my best, nsyaAllah, nsyaAllah!

well, actually, i found the hikmah of having some irritating 'shadows'. haha.. dok rumah boleh la cakap macam tu, senang nak lari -__-" takpe takpe, i should take the opportunity to study well. she proved to me that increasing the CGPA by point two (.2) isn't anything like near impossible.. yes, i thank her for that.
so i have to prove my fellow engineering colleagues that having 'full-time - no worldly pay job' will nOt bring down my CGPA..

aaaaa... but i'm still nervous about my MicroP exam!!! O__o*
and i'm getting exhausted fighting with some stressful headache since 9 days ago..
ya Rabb i really need You to go thru this life..

gambar hiasan - kecik, tapi isinye ade beratus-ratus ribu lagi component yg lebih kecik!

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