Saturday, March 29, 2008

too much mistakes..

making too much mistakes
just make you prone to making more mistakes
and not feeling very, very guilty about them

never mind my english. do you agree?

i mean, umm.. i don't know if you guys understand this. because i don't know who else in this whole wide world make mistakes as often as i do T__T

someone just told me this afternoon, it's okay to make mistakes.
i agree!
and of course, learn from those mistakes..
yes, it's easy to learn, but it's certainly not easy to change the way you do things everyday..

me & carelessness --> still awfully inseperable

** because I just did another mistake!! **


SleeplessInKL said...

Maybe you are focusing too much on "not making any mistakes" but end up making quite a number of mistakes in the process.

Try focusing on "getting it right" or "doing it properly".

Focusing on the positive just might yield more positive results, InsyaAllah ;)

Tuan Azmil Abdullah said...

I'm writing this while smelling the sultry smell of curry cooking on the stove.. *slobbers*

I agree with SIKL.. And may I add, the need to do things quick makes one prone to neglect. Your world might be turning too fast..

Have notebook, will remember.

Use those small writing pads, write as much as you need to. If you exhaust one writing pad, get yourself another one.

Alternatively, you can train your mind to be methodical. What's next? What's after that?

No worries.. I was way clumsier at when I was at your age. Be patient with yourself, things will work out well.

Akinogal said...

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nabilah said...


=) thank you so much for the comment at my blog! =)

agree with sleeplessinkl. my motto in life is like the Nike motto : 'Just Do It!' =P

dun worry so much. if u have a gud heart/niat and a halal cara, then just do it! it will all be fine. carelessness is also a way to learn. people make mistakes all the time. the mistake itself is not always fine, but they do teach you to be more careful.

*simple tip = make early preparations in doing anything and always double-check you work. ;-)

Ismat Abdul Qayyum said...

all are good,what is this 'i just did a mistake!' at the end of the line?..are you trying to insult;ll be fine..well, there is a mistake there actually..=)

take care there..