Friday, March 21, 2008


the 'smell' of the coming final examination is very strong.. and it's giving me head+stomach-aches T__T

my examingitis kit:-

1. basic stationaries
2. scientific calculator
3. my spectacles
4. laptop - certain subjects
5. al-qur'an
6. mentos mint
7. charcoal tablets

huhuhu~ it's not just flying butterflies but they're breeding in my stomach!!!

my Final Exam Schedule:-

25 March - Ethics & Fiqh
28 March - Multimedia Technology
3 April - Electronic Circuit
4 April - Digital Logic Design
6 April - Circuit Analysis

not as bad as last semester's schedule...
but wuuu T__T exams always give me a nervous stomach!

therefore - don't just think about exams.. you can do other things beneficial for the ummah ^__^
such as...
22 March (morning-noon) - meeting & planning for remaining year of 2008
22 March (night) - public lecture in IIUM Cenfos PJ by Mufti of Al-Quds @ Grand Imam of Masjid al-Aqsa, 8pm weehee ^__^ jom pegi beramai-ramai! penuhkan al-malik faisal hall, duduk atas lantai pun takpe!

tapi pape pun, nsyaAllah study tak lupa..
dan tak malas..
harap-harap dapat study dengan rajin
walaupun boleh pakai 'alarm clock' bila terdesak je..

hehehh.. :)
kita lawan pointer lagi ye sem ni ^__^
gambatte ne!


Maryam Abu Ahmad said...

jom study ethics sama2...

Tuan Azmil Abdullah said...