Monday, March 17, 2008

some stories

Story 1:

i have this not-so-often habit of sleeping when i'm eating.
one day i was so tired studying for an exam, i accidentally slept while i was eating my lunch alone. i woke up coz i nearly fell off the chair.
i looked at my food and my fish was gone!
i was shocked! i looked around in confusion and i saw some sambal at a nearby window.

a cat has stolen my fish for lunch.
so i gave away the whole remaining half-polystyrene of my lunch

Story 2:
*with some corrections*

my eldest sister is 8-month pregnant ^__^
my li'l sis Sara asked Kakak "is it a boy or a girl?"
kakak said "a boy"
and my big bro Ahmad's baby is also boy nsyaAllah
Sara replied "Nooooo! Not another male!" (coz Sara & Raneem are the only li'l girls in our family.. versus 6 boys..)
Ilyas, Sara's younger brother suddenly cut off the conversation "Of course we need another male because Raneem is a terror!"

hahaha.. kesian Raneem.. O__o"
i really pray that her tantrum will fade away when she grows up.. Ameen..

Story 3:

Lola (grandma in philippino language) said during one of the family dinner recently
"once on the lips, always on the hips"

** people on diet should understand ^__^ hehee **

Story 4:

Ismail & Ishaq, the 2 years old twins love coffee drinks
sampai berebut-rebut kalau abah minum

i really hope they wont get headaches when they grow up.. huhuu...

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