Monday, December 03, 2007

enuf of hols for now!!!

nothing interesting to be updated for now... haha...
except that i finally get to train my physical body sampai sakit-sakit badan last friday until now i still cant walk with ease!!... and the next day went hiking for a li'l bit more than one hour to the best waterfall I've been to. click here for the previous entry.

anyways, 29 days of holiday was really good, alhamdulillah! i think it's the best hol i've had since i joined IIUM, after the nearly-3-months trip to Jordan (+ Syria & Lubnan), of course... ^__^ i didn't just stay at home!, but at the same time managed to complete some tasks i was appointed to. hehe.. basically, it's nice! alhamdulillah!

this coming sem, i'll be starting my major subjects for my CIE (computer information & electronics) Engineering course; like Digital Logic Design, Electronics Circuit, Circuit Analysis, Multimedia Technology and so on... I've only a rough idea of what i'll be studying--- but i hope it'll be good!!

hoho~ better don't be too excited now or i'll be disappointed if things don't go the way i want.. o__O"

oh btw, some appreciation to my ex-classmates in IIC and Adni: Nadiah, Alya, KakNabila, Siti, Rabiatul, Sakinah, Atiyah, Atiqah, Iman & Solehah.. thanks for showing up in KLCC the other day... the small 'reunion' was awesome! really! although i strained my right leg for that 5 hours and 53 minutes hang out =P ahaha.. but on top of all, thanks for making me finish your plates- rabiatul, maryam, nadiah, alya n atiyah! nyum nyum nyum~ i hope to see you guys again. i think that's the only time i can 'un-imagine-ably' expand my stomach XD oops.. do i sound, urm, too selfish with ultimately bad habits??

amat bersemangat untuk start class esok! (walaupun demam sikit hari ni, 1st day of classes i skipped all three -__-")

okies, adios~


Anisah Ali said...

hehe. Best2!
Seronok start sem! Itu semangat yang sangat Bagus!
Mulakan dengan tekad dan azam yang baru yeap.
Allah ma'ak nela!

-Nisa Ali-

golego said...

hehe.. nihla.. bagi tips tae kwan do boleh? kat indonesia ni baru start belajar tae kwan do.. baru sabuk putih.. tapi kat msia dulu sempat belajar ninja dari putih, kuning, oren.. pastu berhenti.. kasi tip2 skit ye... tgk dah blackbelt.. hehe.