Monday, December 24, 2007

fuh! fuh! (blowing away the dust~)

actually i don't know if i can update this blog with stories about events that passed since few days ago.. right now i'm feeling very tired although i've slept for urmm about 12 hours with 'breaks'.. but oh seriously i think my energy level is depleting T__T

anyway, i joined the Qurban at Adni on Saturday. 3 cows were slaughtered but I came late so i only get to watch Pak Hasni slaughter the cow.. subhanallah.. it is surely not an easy task..
the truth is, i think it has been ages since the last time i watched Qurban.. but this year someone encouraged me to join in the 'ibadah.. not by words, but by actions ^__^ thank you soOo much! yes, watching qurban is a sunnah, right? and i'm so happy i managed to watch and help around with the potong daging n masak-masak etc this year.. and never to forget my hobby, i even cut my nails (only one finger actually) when i was cutting the meat.. alhamdulillah my finger didn't bleed huhu..
urmm.. my mind was actually somewhere else.. i was thinking about the past, i don't know why i didn't join during the past years T__T man, it's really a shame and a waste of time that Allah has given us! i hope i will never again let go off the chance in the coming years..

yesterday alumni had a looong meeting! 5 hours for me, and more for many others who came earlier.. woo i was late 1 hour and 10 minutes from the time i myself set for others - 9.30 a.m. T__T shame on me.. see guys, i'm really really sorry.. i should never repeat it again, even i have another meeting before that..
umm but alhamdulillah, many commented that it's the most productive alumni meeting they've been to. i really hope what's planned for next year will be conducted and the targets will be achieved.

hoho... i left this entry and went out to buy breakfast for my sisters, and also help the helper to parut kelapa using this ancient old mesin parut kelapa from my late grandparents' house back in Kuala Selangor. recently the one-storey terrace house (not kampung house T__T) was rented or sold away i guess.. so now i only have my kampung at Kampung Baru (in the middle of KL the metropolitan city!) and Taman Keramat AU3.. but my grandma from my dad's side will stay with us starting early next year, so that'll leave Kampung Baru as my kampung for now.. hehe.. anyways, i find the activity (parut kelapa) fun, somehow. i like cooking but i just don't do it because the helpers are around.. uhh--- but heyy,, that doesnt mean i don't know cooking at all.. but i have to admit that people who go into the kitchen more often know cooking much better than i do.. uh-uhh..

okay, enough cleaning up (this blog) for today..
take care everyone!

all kids went to johor for the weekend..
^__^ pegi dusun buah-buahan
i used to go there every holiday when i was a younger

pics: Ismail, Ishaq and Raneem yg sgt chumeyl ^__^


cik tim said...

hey, n3 ni mcm byk cite dapur je.
potong daging+kelapa parut..

mujahid said...

haa bagus2 tak lame lagi kita buat jamuan k-intel..nela kena masak la hehe..

ir pacik gile said...

ooo.... (sbnrny xphm.. mklmlah skolah x tinggi.. ni pon komen sbb dikomen.. misi membalas dendam.. yah yah yah)