Saturday, March 17, 2012

health retreat, day 6

No More Pain Killers.

Y E S !

No more pain killers, inshaAllah!

My good friend Mar certainly have put the words right!



God willing, as we translate it for our Christian friends every time we mention the arabic words in remembrance and praises to Allah.

I'm actually nervous to back home. I really want to be able to continue on living a normal life, but implementing some big changes - a healthy life style. Sam, a guy only few months younger than me yet so health concious always mentioned, "It's always about the choice you make. You can induldge, you can always have a treat day! Of course everyone needs a treat day! Just make a concious decision every time you want to eat."

That is exactly one thing I like with Newlife. I can eat all I want, and then I can just do a 7-day detox. LOL. No lah, it will be quite expensive to do that...

It's great to have such a wonderful, supportive family, especially my forever beloved Ummi & Hubby. I'm sure they will all at least support me, if not join me in living a healthier life.

3 simple rules to immediately abide by:

Rule 1
Minimize carbohydrates. Don't mix intake of carbohydrates & proteins.
For example, you can take carb & vege for lunch, and protein & vege for dinner. Your tummy will digest the food better.

Rule 2
Stop taking the 4 whites. White sugar, white rice, white flour, white salt.
I've heard about another white but I can't remember what. Maybe I need to ask Pak Hasni again.

Rule 3
Don't drink half to 1 hour before & after meals. And obviously not during meals.
Our tummy needs a perfectly balanced concentration of acids & enzymes for digestion.

It is indeed actually simple enough. To think about it, it's true. You don't have to think about mixing things together. We have actually made our lives complicated by preparing so much 'lauk' for meals, balancing all those sugar n salt in our food to produce perfect tasty food, and going to the hassle of getting a glass of drink while having a meal.


Easy to say......

Huhuhuhu ^^,

Newlife Intensive Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme is coming to an end, but the healthy lifestyle certainly needs to continue!

I will definitely miss the fresh and refreshing atmosphere here..

and the fresh fruits & salads!



I'm really grateful to Auntie Nik & my Mom & especially Dr. Lynn for sharing all these lifetime treasures.

Auntie Nik, Dr. Lynn & Me :)

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