Friday, March 16, 2012

health retreat, day 5

Oh, today is NO-SOLIDS day. They provide those salads, fruits and potato soup, but they told us to not touch them as much as we could. I hope I'll be fine with that. I haven't been eating a lot since the 2nd day anyway. Just half bowl of salad n a bowl of soup. That was it. I'm not a huge fan of salad anyway, but I do like them, because they're just Gooooood :)


I mean the no-solids thing. Believe me or not, they did not just serve normal fruits, salads and potato soup... They actually baked a whole-meal bread, and served it with a yummy home-made peanut butter!!! It's incredibly yummy after 4 days of tasteless food!

I took one small piece (like a tiger-biscuit size), and another piece, and then I had to ask permission whether I can take another one! Hahaha!!! I've never felt sooo.. irresistable to food!

Home-made Peanut Butter: Peanuts, Flaxseed Oil & Honey

After the talk, there were some remaining bread, and I took another piece!!! -__-"

How am I going to go back tomorrow and continue the programme at home *cries* T__T

But in exchange to the yummy bread and peanut butter, I didn't touch the salad and potato soup for lunch and dinner, but just few cuts of fruits. It's just for the sake of a more intensive detox on the last day since we're doing this for 5-6 days and not 7.

Oh, I actually skipped a drink again today. But no gastric pain. It's probably because I immediately stopped consuming the apple cider vinegar. Now we just call it ACV. heh.

I forgot to tell you a great testimony!

Last night, 2/3 of the group attempted a gall bladder flush, because one of the elder participants, an Omani lady, desperately need to get rid of the gall bladder stones in her. It was quite a nasty drink which nobody had good experience with - 6 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice + 6 oz of flaxeed oil! - just before going to bed.

Guess what happened this morning?
She successfully eliminated gall stones!

She took a picture and showed it to us, and I think it's just incredible n amazing. Allah has provided us all with very basic natural things for us to heal ourselves, yet many of us deny them. Well, I'm not saying conventional medical doctors are useless, they are in fact doing their part. We need radiologists, we need surgeons, etc, but my point here is, to what extend are we depending on them in our lives?

Swallowing and going through difficult times for one night is definitely waaaaaaay better than having to undergo operation, 1 month of healing and worse of all the side effects. Agree?

All throughout my time here, I've been thinking of all my beloved ones and how am I able to help them. Especially my loving husband Mujahid, and my two best university friends, Najmi & Paan.

And above all, utmost praises to Almighty Allah Asy-Syaafiyy for sending me here, giving me the opportunity to heal.

Shuwen & Me :)

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Basma said...

That's the beauty of learning about nutrition and dietetics :)