Friday, March 16, 2012

health retreat, day 4

This morning I keep wondering:
How much waste could my body possibly be storing up until recently!
Especially with the fact that the only solids I'm taking now is 100% salads, fruits and vegetable soup.

Everything today was good except for one. I over-slept in the afternoon and skipped 1 drink, and I woke up to a very bad gastric pain and wind. I was practically rolling on the bed and couldn't even sit up straight. Auntie Nik, my roommate, ordered a yoghurt for me. I just scooped everything up into my mouth. My tummy felt much better, so I did another detox.

More waste came out!

I just couldn't imagine what does it look like inside me. All the toxins and wastes. No wonder I had this little red spots on my hands and feet couple of years ago, for a couple of weeks on and off, for few years. They're like tiny blood clots everywhere, under the skin.

So I guess I really have to stop taking apple cider vinegar to prevent from gastric attacks.

I took another small bowl of yoghurt during supper, and, yeah, I think I can now swallow them pretty fast, despite the small war in my tummy. Heh.

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