Tuesday, March 13, 2012

health retreat, day 1 & 2

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
12 & 13 March 2012

I am right now experiencing an incredibly miraculous health retreat, mainly consisting of detoxification & rejuvenation of the body.

On the first day, I got a headache attack on the plane and it just got worse every minute. I was walking like a zombie and closed my eyes every time I had the chance to do so. I felt nausea all the way, couldn't even focus to talk to people or enjoy the cold breeze and beautiful scenery of the mountains. While everyone ate their last lunch before the health retreat officially started, I was curled up on bed with my arms around my head, wondering if coming here was the right thing to do.

Despite the pain, I got up, and the health retreat started.

Suddenly, after 10 minutes of detox, I could feel blood flowing well into my head and all the numbness and throbbing disappeared!
Subhanallah, it's totally a miracle from Allah.
I've never had anything so quick and effective in eliminating the headache that has haunted more than half of my life.

It's been less than 24 hours here, and I could really feel the difference in me. I had a very good night sleep, although many others didn't get that because of some dogs barking all night - which I didn't hear at all. I woke up very fresh this morning for the first time in many years.

The detoxification & rejuvenating schedule here is quite packed, with some health talks going on. No solid food except for some salad buffet and tasteless potato soup. And at least four yes, four times of cleansing drink, tissue building drink and health drink every day, which is equal to 4 x 4 glasses of honegar (honey + vinegar) and green apple + carrot juice.

Cleansing Drink & Tissue Building Drink

The Salad Buffet

Oh, speaking of carrot juice, my tummy has been introduced to many kinds of new stuff over here. Two of them are carrot juice and YOGHURT - both which I never actually liked. The natural home-made yoghurt actually sets a small war in my tummy for many minutes but alhamdulillah I didn't throw up!

a bowl of Natural Home-Made Low Fat Yoghurt finished!!!

Allahuakbar! Allah the Greatest is blessing me with totally great things over here. Thank you sooo much Ummi for sending me here. I'll treasure every moment of this healthy session.

Right now I'm having little "health reactions" - the side effects of reversing health deterioration. Gastric and bloating, and thus the nutritionist changed my drinks to honey only, without vinegar. Backpain, which has been bugging me since my teenager days. And mild cloudiness in the head.

'Ala kulli hal,
subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

View of Mt. Kinabalu as I open my room door

View of Kota Kinabalu & South China Sea from my balcony


AMK said...

Owh nela, I'm making dua for you...teiringat dolu2 time skolah u slalu sakit..huu...insya-Allah...He will make it better our a little bit of our effort...


cik hunn jan said...

Salam Nihlah. Hanisah here, how was your trip to KK? Will be going there in about 2 weeks time. Any suggestions or advices? :)

As said...


Teringin mahu hilangkan headache yang haunted my life jugak. Nanti bole hallo about this. yesza!

Basma said...

Carrot juice plus yoghurt taste good if you know the right amount to add actually. I made it here before and it's Delicious~ ^_^ yumm yumm.

Tia's Sketchbook said...

Hang in there nela :) a few days more kan. May Allah ease your health rejuvenating journey, may it will be for the better insyaAllah :) Praying for you sis :)