Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tag : Life's Journey

i got this tag from facebook. but i'll also post here..

The rules are:

1. Choose at least five pictures which taken when you were a little boy/girl until now.

2. Describe the pictures.

3. Please tag at least five of your friends.

So.. here i go..

i guess this pic was taken when i was in Junior 2, IIC, that is in 1995. i'm d girl with the pink - yes, PINK - beside the one with blue, that is Atiyah. next to me was Aneesah, then Anas, Ahmad n Atiqah.
we were the top-3 students in 2 classes. Anas, Atiyah and I in Junior 2 while Aneesah, Ahmad and Atiqah in Junior 1.

this is the next 'youngest' pic i have in collection. i won't go to the mess of searching other pics in photo albums and scanning them. we were the most-senior prefects in 2003, but this pic was taken in 2004 when we 'stepped down' from being school prefects. i'm the one at the utmost right, at the back line of course.
this pic reminds me of my school days ^__^ i should say, while many people long to return back to their teenage life and misses school days so much, i treasure the memories and experience but i do not feel the same way.. for some silent reasons

this pic was taken in August 2004 in Bogor, Indonesia. i really love this pic, despite having a another similar pic taken in 2008, because i can hug the tiger cub!
apart from not having other 'younger' pic in my laptop right now, i chose this pic bcoz it shows that i really love nature (including animals), and travelling.

a huge, memorable, brave step i took was to get married ^__^ with someone i only knew for 3 years (at that time) on 11th October 2008. May Allah bless us and all those who marry for His sake..
This pic was taken during our precious honeymoon~

These are my sisters, my usrah-mates. I chose this pic bcoz it represents my way of life - tarbiyyah & da`wah - nsyaAllah. i hope we will walk with firm steps on this path, never to go astray..

this is a simple story of the journey of my life.. ^__^

now, i tag everyone who reads this post. yes, YOU!


Aneesah said...

Salaam! Thanks for that first pic Nela! Anyway, the date was 26 May 1994 (not 1995) -- I know because it my brother's birthdate and my mum was at the hospital, and couldn't attend. ^^;;

Did the tag already so yay. :))

~amatullah~ said...

huwh..5th picture tade gamba saye..huhu sedihnya.guling2