Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one fang

this morning after eating toasted bread with butter for breakfast, i realized that my upper right fang was chipped, although i didn't remember hitting against anything hard at my face or munching on anything hard.

i was truly shocked. how can this be??

i called my dentist but the receptionist said that she's busy until saturday. but i cant wait until saturday evening with a rough surface on my lost-fang! so i scheduled in to meet another dentist. when i reached the clinic, Dr. Zalinda was about to leave but luckily she recognized me! ^__^ actually she was initially confused whether it was me or my mother. LOL~ but she took a look at my chipped fang and said she'll deal with me for a while...

she was surprised too, especially when i cannot recall hitting my tooth on anything hard. but then she said, "or are you stressed out? sometimes people who are really depressed tend to grind their teeth hard during sleep, resulting in many dental problems..."

and even a migraine! i've heard about this from a pal in that migraine mailing list i subscribe to. these people have to wear some sort of special braces when they go to sleep..

so now she has smoothen the surface. alhamdulillah~


but alhamdulillah i manage to curve a smile again ^__^
because finally someone 'acknowledges' my depression since a few days ago


Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...

waa ade ek mcm tu.
first time dgr.
stress smpi bawak ke tidur smpi blh maen grind2 teeth. fuh. mcm tahap dasat je tu. huhu.
anyway, slmt bermesra dgn the lost fang! ahax! >_<
n syafakillah as well.. =)



mak aii~ dasyat nye gg tu. hehe~