Tuesday, April 14, 2009

of almonds

Almond Nut

ALMOND, my favourite nut since i was a kid ^^, is actually a fruit, or a seed!

Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E, and they're also rich in monounsaturated fat, i.e. one of the two 'good' fats responsible for lowering cholestrol. When these foods which lowers cholesterol are combined with a healthy way of eating, the beneficial effects are multiplied!

They improve the movement of those stuff through the colon and helps to prevent cancer! They are also nutritive for our brain and nervous system! This is because they contain anti-inflammaroty and immunity boosting effects. They help prevent osteoporosis and also regulate blood pressure.

They contain nearly NO carbohydrates, thus is a good diet for people suffering from diabetes. they can be processed into flour to make cakes and bread! especially for people on carbohydrate-restricted diets, but i guess the price would be quite high...

Almond tree flower

Almonds' pollens are spread by insects, like bees. Although packaged almonds are available all year round, they are the freshest in mid-summer, which is their peak season.

Unripe almond on tree

Although many people believed that almonds are too fatty to be a healthy snack, scientific research has actually shown that eating nuts (except ground nuts) actually lower blood cholestrol levels. Furthermore, eating almonds is a filling snack. They are a good source of fiber, contains protein and other antioxidants.

Flowering almond tree

even though some natural remedies recommend almonds for migraneurs and they actually help some people, there are also cases where others experienced them as migraine triggers. i'm not really sure whether they work on me since the cause of my migraines are quite random, especially with food, but other migraineurs can always try. take them as a snack or rub some almond oil on your temples during the early signs of an oncoming migraine.

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