Tuesday, April 14, 2009

speech circuit

the last time i experienced a fault in my 'speech circuit' was years back when i just finished high school.

statements like "makcik tu 50 RINGGIT!" instead of 50 TAHUN slipped out of my mouth,
and "lepas 2 RINGGIT" instead of lepas 2 MINGGU, and few other incidents i don't really remember -__-"

today, when i was at the dining table, i said "nak sikit TERUNG" instead of PETOLA, and some moment later, "nak UDANG?" instead of SOTONG.. which was not really a hilarious error since they still make sense ^^,

but then another statement that made me and Tikki laughed until tears went out of our eyes was: "saya tak jadi makan nanti KERANG sangat" >__< i wanted to say, KENYANG sangat!

somehow the output of the circuit just got wrong!

but i know it's not the 'examingitis' =P

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