Sunday, August 13, 2006

To Have Peace With Israel?

A great friend of mine, Adilah Nasir, wrote:

just a thought

but the israelis blamed all reasons for their invasions and attacks and justification for building state israel because of the right to self-defence because throughout history, they have been discriminated and prosecuted against.

So if israel gave the world an ultimatum, such as this:
we'll stop all war, if you stop all forms of discrimination to us. which means malaysia, and most arab states must allow israelis into their country.

will we do it for the sake of them middle east (esp palestine)?

coz i'm not sure myself..

can anyone think of any bad repercussions?

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adyLa reJected

********** my personal response **********

*note: i'm trying not to be or sound racist here...*

The thing is, throughout history, everyone know that the Israelis don't hold to promises, pledges and even resolutions.
I'm not good in politics or history, but let's just read it this:

Resolution 181 (1947-1949) was declared, dividing Palestine into two states: a Jewish State called Israel and an Arab State called Palestine. In the declaration it is clearly stated that Israel is prepared to cooperate with the agencies and representatives of the United Nations in implementing the resolution of the General Assembly of 29 November 1947, but what do we see today? it's not happening.

Then the resolution 242 (of 1967) called Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories of West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. They withdrawed from West Bank and Gaza for a few decades, but returned to occupy West Bank, and now Gaza - after HAMAS won the election earlier this year. The world can see that the Israelis cannot 'handle' negotiations.

Then the resolution 194 where it was commanded by the UN that Israel must allow Palestinians to return to their homeland. But now? Don't mention let return, they're still forcing Palestinians to get out of their homes and destroy houses and lands...

I can't remember which resolution but the Israel promised not to occupy (of course that means not attack too) South Lebanon, but they did. Now, is not the first Israeli attack on Lebonon, FYI. When I was in Lubnan for two days, I saw with my own eyes buildings yang pernah kena bomb, the massacre site of Shabra & Shatila and Palestinians refugee camps. And bila baca buku Dr. Ang Swee Chai, From Beirut to Jerusalem, I was more convinced that we cannot achieve peace with Israel through negotiations.

Anyway, from what I know, since resolution and 242 and 338 (1973) took place, UN dah tak dapat buat ape2 with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, because US all the time masuk campur and gunakan kuasa veto diorang.

The actual case here is actually bigger than the conflict we see. It's not just about giving the Israelis a Jewish State. It's about Baitul Maqdis. The rectangular site surrounded by walls, with Dome of the Rock slightly in the middle and Al-Aqsa mosque at one end, where one part of the wall is what the Jews call Wailing Wall (if im not mistaken) and Jews go there to pray every day.
In easier words, we can put things this way:

The Jews and the Arabs are two nations with two different beliefs. Israelis say that al-Quds belongs to the Jews, they want to build the Haykal Temple on the site Baitul Maqdis (which will have al-Aqsa Mosque destroyed) because that's the pre-requirement for their Messiah to come and save the world.

And the Palestinian Arabs, being the first line of defence representing the Muslims in not letting the Jews destroy al-Aqsa mosque, continue on not giving up, 1. because it's their homeland, 2. because Al-Aqsa is the third holiest mosque of Islam.

How to achieve peace through negotiations when two different nations with two different beliefs are struggling for one square site which cannot be divided into two?

*not my idea, I learn this from a book Our Sacred Land - Voices of the Palestine-Israeli Conflict written by journalist Kenize Mourad.

If you ask me personally, what is my stand... I say, WE FIGHT!
Enough of null negotiations for the the past half century.
Wallahu a'lam.

p/s: rase mcm tak puas lagi tulis. Huhu..
GUYS! You better read! What Abg Ali said yesterday is very true, kita semua ni nak buat kerja untuk Palestine - charity, fund raising, increasing public awareness... We should stand in the situation not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. Know and understand what's REALLY happening, not just the terrorism and occupation.


muslimz87 said...

aslm wbt

u r right nela..our fight, our pray 4 al-aqsa is not because it is a is bcoz we r muslim, we r fighting 4 our tauhid, we r not fighting 4 that land but we r fightin 4 our God,.

If we just think that we fight israeli just bcoz 4 freedom of al-aqsa, so what's next? will u share al-aqsa with those kafir, so where is ur faith to God's word which means 'the only religion for god is Islam'.

ya, we will allow them to be in our country as long as they won't disturb us. B4 they conquered palestine, there were jews there, n no problem occured. problem will only take place when they start forcing us to give up our land.

wslm wbt

mikeadyla said...

hi nela :) took me two whole years to read this huhu.. two whole years to finally read your entire blog (instead of just skimming :P) and found this.

your argument really is actually a good argument. but nevertheless, it is an argument for the side of palestinians.

it wasn't about whether we (palestinians/muslims) stop the fight, it was whether we (malaysians) would be able to objectively allow israelis in IF (keyword being if, not when) israel truly were looking for peace.

i'd love to see your opinion on this particular part though :).

if you want my opinion, 2 years ago, as i mentioned, i said i wasn't so sure i'd let them in. i have changed since.

i'm very much inclined to agree with you, palestine is the first line of defence for muslims. i think they shouldn't be the one to negotiate, especially since they have almost everything taken away.

i think it's up to us malaysians, pioneer of muslim nations, to show the brilliance of muslims, start a second line of defence where we negotiate an alternative line of solution. palestinians fight, we negotiate. 2 lines of defence cum attack, that's what i think can beat israel now and truly settle this once and for all.

i think some people think it is impossible, but you know and i know it takes huge intelligence (which you definitely have) to outnegotiate israel. we need to find ways to win, even though you might have some pride bruised for being seen supporting israel (because you're negotiating)

so yes, 2 years ago i wasn't sure what i would do.

but if i am prime minister of malaysia now, i would say "we still wouldn't allow israelis in, for your own safety", but to show our sincerity "we would restart diplomatic relations with israel"...

which of course is a whole new ball game :). distract and conquer.