Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gambatte ne!

Started REAL SCHOOL this week!
Ha! Ha! You guys must be wondering what do I mean by that -_-"

I had my first programming quiz on Monday, received and submitted the assignment on Tuesday, forced myself to focus in physics class on Wednesday despite the damn headache throbbing, submitted my physics tutorial today (ya'ni Thursday) and next Monday (or is it Tuesday?) I'll be having physics quiz.
Yeah, for the second time in four weeks, I really sat down to 'study'. Working on tutorials can still be called studying kan?
Teruskan usaha!

I also found out that Physics III is not boring. My roommate passed by my class a couple of times and commented that I really look like a good student focusing in class. Hmm... That sounds good.
But, the fact is, in yesterday's class, I drew an elephant holding a present... And today I drew a horse with a rider beside him saying "I MISS RIDING!!!".
Oh. I really miss horseback riding.

So, back to the main topic, I'm telling myself again that I should concentrate on my studies.
I printed "KURANGKAN TIDUR & TINGKATKAN POINTER dengan meRAJINkan diri untuk BELAJAR" on a piece of A4 paper and paste it on my wardrobe (facing my bed so that I can see it everytime I lie on my bed).

sempoi je, takyah wat cantik2 sbb toner printer kaler itam

Hmm... Actually, I didn't spend my time sleeping all day long pun. No. Not in MCIIUM. I think...

Anyways, terasa macam nak kerat badan jadi empat (4) weekend ni..
1. Daurah Aqidah: Antara Iman & Kufur by Capt Hafiz Firdaus at MCIIUM. required to attend
2. Khalifah Childrens' Carnival at Shah Alam. volunteers needed
3. Walimatul 'urus Kak Iman Zairul. invited by the family
4. Training for Trainers - RE Palestine. ***

I'll be attending program number 4 insyaAllah. Why?
Because the seat is limited;
Akhawat (ya'ni sisters) are needed;
And it's painful just watching yet not moving when my fellow brothers and sisters are fighting hard to get back al-Quds into the Muslim hands.
Ayyuhash-Shabaabul-Islam!! Al-Quds Yunaadeekum!!
Oh Youths of Islam!! Al-Quds is Calling You!!

Gotta balance my schedule.
Gambatte ne!

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