Friday, July 18, 2008

random =P

ding dong ^__^
masa untuk entry baru.

SAKIT KEPALA KU SUDAH HILANG!!! no more hammers and knives inside my head. but i can still sense the 'soreness' and 'tiredness' of my brain cells after dealing with a 6-day headache..
but alhamdulillah, it has GONE!!!!
and i hope it won't come back anytime soon!

okay okay, enough of headaches..

today i nearly bump into another accident!
uh-oh.. couple of weeks ago i hit the left divider at 7 in the morning, and kaboooom the front-left tyre.. huhu -__-"
hari ni pulak... ADA CICAK ON MY DASHBOARD appeared from NOWHERE!!
u know, LIZARD... O__o"
i was like so shocked and nearly freaked out that it would jump onto my hand or face anytime.. but i couldn't do a thing while driving..
so to get rid of the nervousness, this is what i did:

can u see it!!! huhuhu -__-"
then after few minutes it went back into some small slid.. huhu.. i bet it will just die in there someday and rot -__-" oh, does dead lizard stink??? >__<*
huhu.. kalau ye, habis la kita Tikki O__o*


thanie said...

Subhanallah, tengah drive 70++ pun dan amik gambaq lagi, hebat betul la!!!

Tuan Azmil Abdullah said...

Hahaha.. wanted to ask the exact question.. Ni sapa yang amik gambar ni? Hahaha..