Sunday, July 20, 2008


starting to get busy with school already O__o"
this week submissions:
- 1 DLD report
- 2 assignments
- 2 quizzes

still busy with planning of eventsSsSs for July-August
getting busy with another upcoming important event

and i only had less than 48 hours of headache-free life since last week!!

and i'm tired of questions like "SAKIT KEPALA LAGI? DAH CHECK DENGAN DOCTOR?"
please pLeaSe and PLEASE DON'T ask me that question for the rest of my life!! onegaishimas!! -__-"
if you want to show that you care, or you're worried, just remind me to take my meds and drink lots n lots of plain water.

oh, anything urgent, plz CALL. SMS texts will only be entertained when i have some free time to spare


babyex said...

ko nmpak busy je few days ni.. :D

nurilahi said...

preferably, vOice conference. SMS only made for things that could wait :D