Sunday, July 20, 2008

cicak haritu...

i had another encounter with the lizard i 'met' yesterda..

i was leaning against the rear passenger door, talking on the phone when suddenly it crawled right over my shoulder!!! apa lagi, melompat terus la.. huhuhu..

fyi, it's not like i'm scared of cicak-s or anything.. but they're just, you know, it's not like you'll just let them crawl over you anytime anywhere O__o"

anyways, i asked Tikki to slow down, i opened the door a little while the car is still moving. pstu halau halau halau cicak tu until it jumped out of the car.. in the middle of the highway..

i assume it's dead already.. huhu..

pengajaran: *tiru style Sani =P*
- don't easily freak out when you're driving
- slow down (even from 100km/h to 80 km/h hahaha)

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