Thursday, January 10, 2008

Task Force New Year '08

salam ma'al hijrah!~

i purposely waited for 1st Muharram 1429 to update

31st December 2007

Subhanallah! It was indeed a tremendously memorable experience!!

It started when I actually received a 'stray' SMS from a brother (thank you so much!!! ^__^), promoting the Task Force. I immediately leaped with excitement for it was the very first time that they invited/allowed the sisters to join such event.. I forwarded the SMS to every corner of the globe persons i'm sure will be interested including the circle of super-sisters I have --- only to later know that the Task Force was planned only for brothers.

A drop of tear wet my eye as I gather the courage to ask permission to join from the Big Boss who was the head of the mission namely 'Ust Dini Syarif'.. "I want to go!!!" I paused and cried to The Creator of all.. A couple of hours later (or it seemed to be that lOng!!), I received a green light and we sisters quickly gathered mangirlpower ^__^ and mental and emotional strength.

Subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahu-akbar!

My comrades & I departed from IIUM that evening, not forgetting to grab a bar of Snickers for I sense that there will be no proper dinner. We soon arrived at KLCC~

Without wasting any time we gathered at Masjid asy-Syakirin a.k.a. Masjid KLCC for the briefing.

We listened to the short briefing...

And also prayed to Him for His Help, for He is the Only One Capable of lighting up the hearts of all man...

The sky that night was cloudy, as you can see..

But the battalion prepared nonetheless!!!

But not in line ^__^ because we were already in line during prayers!

We also bumped into some sisters from Nisa (an NGO here), exchange phone numbers and took a pic together.. "Networking for unity!!"

Handing out flyers, promoting remembrance of Allah & improvements in life, and campaigning against zina..

Countless human waiting for the new year countdown,
doing various idle activities..

And the crowd was getting bigger and bigger!

The aftermath pic~ relaxing and chatting with some kids..

About half an hour before the countdown, the cloudy sky started to cry..
I wonder if these people will remember again the tsunami few years back which took away countless lives, and that very new year they could refrain themselves from wasting time in useless activities.. I'm not saying that it's wrong to watch the fireworks.. The problem is that the event comes in a package, together with indecent acts of human and nobody seemed to remember the One God who Created days and nights that we may today count the years..

Ya Allah...
Please accept our efforts...
And do not turn us away
when You have Guided us to and on this Right Path..


Little Mo-On said...

Bagus2... last year dpt anonymous sms... my fault kot tatau who's the sender... n i tot it was only for brothers. so, with anonymous sms, n prog only for brothers, cuak seh...huhu.. x pi pon. lgpon tatau sisters bleh pi x...huhu

hmm... camne ek?? kat UK boleh buat fireworks kol 5.30pm (coz kol 3.30 dah gelap) for families to join along...n we young muslims as well...hhahaha

but why in Malaysia x buat camtu ek?? musykil...

i find islam away from 'islamic' countries....hmmm..

tim said...

erm, mmg buat kite jeles ;p

Ellen said...

Thanks for writing this.