Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new 'sun' year! XD

actually, i don't know what is 'masihi' year called in english.. o__O" can anyone tell me?? i'm talking about the Gregorian year.. ^__^

anyways, i searched for my previous new year post, and i realized that about a year ago, i spent my time during the end of the year of 2006 with my family. hiking, venturing into caves and what not~

THIS YEAR~ i spent my time with my friends!!
5 major events:
- Qurban for Eidul-Adha at Adni, 22 Dec
- Alumni End-Year Meeting, 23 Dec
- Perhimpunan KARISMA Nasional in Ipoh, 29 Dec
- Alumni Gathering at Janda Baik, 30 Dec
- Task Force New Year '08 at KLCC, 31 Dec

subhanallah.. ^__^ i'm very happy i spent my time with beneficial programs, although i get really rEaLly tired right now.. but they were fantabulous (i think this is the new word iman mentioned fantastic+fabulous, and hey, it exist in the wiki dictionary!! ^__^)

Perhimpunan KARISMA Nasional
pic above: 230 perwakilan + pemerhati came from all over Malaysia
pic below: barisan KnL 2007 (sitting in front there was seriously tiring!!)
credits to KARISMA-Perak for organizing the event

ADNI Alumni Gathering
pics: the best team-building activity i've ever joined!!
we managed to 'construct' a 6-pole-high tower before one of the pvc pipes broke due to too much bending i guess.. but i wonder how the tower in these pics seem to be so straight o__O" we were constantly calling out the rope holder names asking them to pull the rope they hold in order to make it straight!
credits to 5th batch (although u guys are still not officially alumni members yet! ^__^) for organizing the new year gathering~

Eid Qurban at Adni

may this year of 2008 be a better year than the rest of the years we've gone through..

ya Allah..
i seek strength from you
for me to stand and walk
on this path you've brought me to
ya Allah..
i seek patience from you
for me to endure
the coming tests you will bring me to
ya Allah..
i seek wisdom from you
so that my existence benefit the ummah today
ya Allah..
i seek love from you
so that i be happy with everyone close to me
ya Allah..
Only You have Power over all things
please grant me the best of this world
for me to get the best of the hereafter..


Aneesah said...

Heehee, I think it's called the Gregorian calendar. :P

Happy 2008 to you! Have a fantabulous year~~

Mashizaki Keikan said...

ala... rugi seyh tak dapat pi PKN...

illusionist said...

could u say.. 08 mubarak?!


well yeah.. u were right, it's nt really on the stage.. but sTilL :D

Juwairiya Zulkifli said...

may dis year brings much more fantabulous events in our life..

yup,i also ended 2007 wif a very fantabulous n wonderful day in my life..insyaAllah

cik tim said...

ha ah- semoga kedatangan tahun baru akan menambahkan lagi fantabulos moments awk!! ^^

Joshua said...

Delighted to be here! Beautiful poem of life there! PALAVROSSAVRVS REX! Long live Hulk!