Sunday, July 15, 2007

TKD Tournament

TaeKwon-Do Tournament
14-15 July 2007
Gombak, Selangor
~ 2nd Dan Black Belts in Action ~
Performing Ge Baek

Semi-final : Free Sparring (Open)

Final : Free Sparring Open

Selangor Champions

3rd Place ^__^ Team Pattern

A short entry insyaAllah...
Since there were only 2 female black belts during the tournament, me and little Alwan, we didn't get to fight or compete... Decided during the very last minute to form a 5-(man) team for Team Pattern, and got Bronze (which is also the last placing since only 3 teams participated~ ha-ha-!)
I really miss those days I represented Selangor
in 2001 to 2005
Really trained and fight for a/few medals...
But I have something more important to focus on...
Yes, more important things in this life...
But I shall never forget:

al-aql as-saliim fi il-jism as-saliim
a healthy mind is in a healthy body


ProfHussaini said...

Kan Kaun: ba sei!!!

(Kata lain bagi chaiyok tapi dalam bahasa myanmar)

mujahid said...

wah dah beraksi balik dah..

sidQi said...

sangatlah rugi sebab 14-15 tu ana sangat bizi.. aduh...