Sunday, January 14, 2007

the 2nd s-grade headache

Kamu nak tahu?
Saya sangat bencikan sakit kepala.
Sungguh menyeksakan.

Saya mengalami sakit kepala sejak saya berusia 13 tahun.
Dan saya mengalami sakit kepala yang teruk sejak saya berusia 16 tahun.
Dan sekarang, saya berusia 19 tahun, dan sakit kepala ini menjadi semakin teruk.

It had gone better last year. I get them only once or twice a month, and the pain level is just moderate, where I can still act tough and treat things normal...

I won't make any conclusion here, but since I moved into the new environment, I think my headache is going worse again... Bad ones, at least once a week, which forced me to skip many of my weekly activities... Usrah, daurah, TaeKwon-Do, group discussions, etc etc...
is it the food, or is it the work load, or...? i dunno.

Last Friday, I had my second S-grade headache. I was around 16 when I experienced the first super attack. I can't explain the pain... You might think I'm exaggerating, but maybe you can estimate how painful it is when 4 (four) to 5 (five) pills of 500g paracetamol taken within 1 hour interval just won't work - not even to reduce the pain...
And of course, I won't take more than that...

That's why I never have panadols with me. I never wanted to take them, but I couldn't bear the pain... I was like something crazy that day. I screamed and of course cried, and massaged my head first gently then harder and when both don't work, I banged my head against the cupboard a couple of times..

You know, patience have its limit...

Nobody was home. Near midnight, Dad came home and made sure I take those panadols, then Mak Yem came to urut my kepala, then I forced myself to have dinner. Cheese-burger. Oh, good gracious my stomach didn't reject it again... Oh, I didn't mention, I vomitted a lot since earlier that evening. Then I went to sleep, with frequent disturbs via phone. I wanted to switch off my phone but Mom was out and I have to keep it on for her. Well, for myself actually...

So few things to take note of:
1. Going to see my doctor this evening
2. Get a new set of earphone for my phone.. get rid of the whatever waves that's not good for the brain cells
3. Get rid of my mp3 when I'm not having the headache.. yeah I do that, but what about when I get very sleepy???
4. Get rid of oily & salty food!!! (I HATE UIA BECAUSE THEY DON'T SERVE GOOD FOOD! So maybe I'm considering staying off-campus for a while.. I'm not sure..)
What else?
5. Try my best not to sleep late. Max 2 a.m.!! but what if I can't complete my assignments?

Oh no!!! Mid-semester exam coming in a couple of days!!!

14th Sun - today
15th Mon
- warm up... dah system crash, kena reboot
16th Tue
- submit Calculus assignment
- Computer Programming mid-term exam
17th Wed
- perform case-study for BM
18th Thu
- submit Statics assignment
- Statics mid-term exam
19th Fri
- submit Engineering Drawing assignments
- Engineering Drawing quiz
- Electric Circuits quiz
- UNGS mid-term exam

Ya Allah... Please help me through this life... I need you... I need you in every step of my life...


syahida said...

sis, i'm worried abt u. sgt2 risau. sampai camtu skali ke sakitnya?
kite pun tak tau nak bagi nasihat @ petua macamane. xde pglmn. tapi, juz want to remind u, kesihatan kena jaga. "badan tu nak pakai lama. bukan sekejap"
mmm jgn tidur lewat sgt. pukul2 pagi tu macam lambat giler. badan yg sihat sebenarnya datang daripada tidur yg berkualiti (ewah..pandai2 je)
apapun, take care!

WM said...

stay off campus for a while.. alternatif yang baik. Makanan kat UIA, yes tak bagus. Too much 'aji'. Kalau taknak 'aji', kena pegi order time takde orang kat makcik Zaharah di cafe HS. I do suffer... cuma tak teruk. Takde aji, tak jadi, mak! hehe...

setuju dengan syahida... jaga kesihatan. rehatkan mata, rehatkan otak. tubuh pun need rest. mental dan fizikal tak ok, spiritual pun affected. Lama-lama emosi sama. cubalah... avoid mengadap laptop n komputer for 2-3 days dan tengok kesannya. Lupakan sekejap kerja-kerja yang perlukan komputer.

ubat hanya alat.. yang sembuhkan ialah Allah. ;) baca Allahumma yashfi ketika baca ubat. nela kena cuba ubat traditional pulak kot.. haha! or cuba dapatkan spirulina >any brand but the best one luxor lah< [kalau dah cuba tak apalah].

SYAFAKILLAH YA UKHTI.. jaga kesihatan, ummah still need u!

Nihlah Johari said...

thanks very muchh!!!
sangat terharu!!!
may Allah bless you...

em yeah, i'm going on alternative medicine. takde gune drugs ^__^ had enough of salah ubat in July 2004 >__<"

thanks very much for the adviceS :) -i dunno whether advice have its plural form btw-

Anonymous said...

nela, take care eh...
kite pun risau bace blog awk ni...
jaga diri baik2...
may Allah always be with u...
doa bnyk2 agar diberikan kekuatan utk truskan hidup...
yg pnting, rht kena cukup. dont put urself into too much pressure..
sakit kepala mmg sakit.. i know it.. n ubatnye klu nak elak mkn panadol, tdo je la...
btw, tak try wat medical cek up...? kite risau la nela... skrg ni, perkara yg kecik pun blh jd besar.. give it a try ok? pls, try to avoid pandol... kite tak suka mkn.. he..
take care.. uhibbukfillah... -IR-