Friday, June 23, 2006

Udang kering! Oh udang kering!!

13th June 2006

It’s been more than two months living without shrimps, so we were really exited when we got some udang kering. Those ustaz following al-Bayan programme gave us a small bag of udang kering and ikan bilis before they returned to Malaysia. So, masaklah sayur campur dengan gembiranya… Kejap-kejap curi sikit, kejap-kejap curi sikit. Soon when we started the meal, my nose felt hot and painful. I soon remembered that I’m a little allergic to shrimps. Eyes went wet and good gracious we have some ice in the freezer. Ape lagi, jadi macam orang hidung berdarah lak, letak ais kat hidung. Kak Maziah said it’s resdung. I don’t know. Anyway, the main point is: I never felt so terrible with food. Harap-harap balik Malaysia nanti boleh makan udang!!! Huwaaaa!!!!!!

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