Friday, June 02, 2006

aj-Jaulah ila Jerash wa Ajloun

30th April 2006

This’s the only piece recorded for the day. It was written by that girl sitting at the roof-top of Ajloun Castle of pemerintahan Salahuddin al-Ayyubi. [referring to one of the pictures attached]

Eighteen and a half years of age
Taught me that I have been living in a cage
I knew nothing about the world outside
For I was not used to have strangers by my side
When I first stepped out into the real world
I learnt that I have no choice but to be bold
In order to survive through this life of tests
I have to believe that He always grant me the best
All pain endured are meant to make me stronger
'Coz the future will surely be much tougher
For patience and strength will I continuously pray
Oh Allah, lead me through every step of this worldly play

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