Monday, November 16, 2009

our holiday!!~

Today is Daddy's first and last final exam *coz he has to sit for another four next month!*, and Mommy's will be tomorrow *before she sits for another two replacement papers*!
then we'll be going to Cameron Highlands with Uncle Auzan & Auntie Nazihah for the night, just to watch sunrise! Heyy,, I CAN see light through mom's tummy, ya know?? and I'm already responding to soothing musics, kick dance kIck!~

we will also balik kampung JB for a couple of days before flying off to England ^__^ my first air-flight, I hope I won't get air-sick or I'll be giving Mommy a hard time.. I'm glad I'm still in Mommy's warm pouch coz I'm pretty sure I'll freeze in the winter breeze over there. Mommy, don't forget to eat plenty of vitamins and habbatussauda' ya :) we got lots of walks to do!

Mommy's organizer-board

UK here we come!!~
Stansted - London - Southampton - London - Loughborough - Sheffield - Leeds - Durham - Middlesbrough - Sheffield - London - Stansted



HAMBOI ini betol2 holiday ni.. O.O

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan said... and souvenirs jgn lupa ya~

[ Nazihah ] said...

He' dah pandai cakap dah eh..mesti sejak untie cakap dengan baby masa mummy warded haritu..hehe..
I gonna see you tonight ye,insyaAllah..Pastu kita tengok sunrise sama-sama.Jangan nakal selalu dan jadi soleh selalu ^_^

- Untie Nazihah yang tengah tunggu Uncle Auzan habis exam pukul 6 -

p/s: NeLa, lepas awak dah bersalin baru kita percaya kita dah jadi untie boleh tak?? ^_^

tia.saadon said...

utterly speechless happy for you!

Alang Atie said...

waahh..preggy wOman on The mOve!!!.UK..beware!!..hhehehe...happy holidaysss..