Saturday, November 07, 2009

Allah's Love

Subhanallah walhamudilillah wallahuakbar!

While I was drowning in the sea of life, making myself busy with the worldly test called final exam and taking every moment of my life for granted, my Creator and Sustainer 'poked' me with a simple test, to make me remember that none of us belong to this world forever.

After a whole busy Sunday preparing for my final exams, my hubby returned from Perak with a little complaint of having a stomach ache. A couple of hours later, all of a sudden and without warning, he vomited blood - a lot of blood. I freaked out. We immediately went to the hospital. After hours of waiting and check-up, Mujahid was warded. Of course, terrified, all I wanted to do was to stay with him in the ward that night despite having a test the next morning.

Subhanallah Allah sent us family and friends who really cares. Within 24 hours, at least a dozen of them came to visit. I was trying to make myself comfortable to accompany Mujahid at his bed for another few days, but a greater horror came...

I was studying on my hubby's bed when a nurse came in with a face mask, telling us that my hubby has got positive Influenza A H1N1. Even though he had no fever, cough or flu, that meant a pregnant lady should leave as soon as possible. The nurse told me to get a test done for myself downstairs at the ER. I went and I was instructed to immediately take Tamiflu coz I am pregnant, but I did not, due to its uncertain effects on pregnancy.

24 hours was dreadful. That night I could not sleep at all, nor could I study for the coming exam. The shocked-and-frightened me could not stop crying every time an SMS came in asking how's Mujahid. I feared for Mujahid as he has a bad asthma and I feared for our unborn baby's health.

24 hours later, i received no call from APSH. I tried calling the hospital's main line but nobody answered. I need to get my results or I'll be sitting for my VLSI Design exam. No call. I went for the exam with a terrible headache, troubled mind and unstable emotion, and of course a face mask and hand sanitizer. It was 3-hour paper and I spent 45 minutes sleeping at my desk. My lecturer came twice knocking at my table "sister, don't sleep..." but I couldn't help myself. Sleeping is the best thing I could do with the current state of headache. My optimist target of getting an A- or a B+ for the subject immediately dropped to a pass. But Allah knows best and I can only pray that He will give me the best result i deserve.

After the exam, I received news from Auntie Mimi who also got infected, that my result is also positive. But no fever, cough or flu. Only usual super-painful headaches. My gynea said I must take Tamiflu, so I did. Couple of hours later, I started vomiting, many times, even when my tummy was already empty. Even plain water made me run back into the bathroom. By nighttime, I was exhausted & weak. But there was nobody around so I just had to force myself to move around and do things myself. After dealing with IIUM clinic (with Sulafa's and Tikki's help) for me to take special exams later, I decided to go to the hospital. Until now, I'm so grateful to the newly wed couple Kak Nazihah & Auzan for helping me out that night. No more vomiting. Kak Nazihah stayed with me in the ER until 4 a.m. and I was warded. Thank you soooo much my dear sister!!

Selayang Hospital's isolation room was terrible. No TV is definitely acceptable, but just imagine there was no plain water provided for a sick person! No visitors were allowed, so nobody was around to bring me some water. The food was okay (although I didn't have the appetite to finish my food) but the fact that I had to take my own meals and send empty dishes to and from the isolation room door is shocking. Is that to be expected from a government hospital? Oh my first experience of being admitted to the hospital was definitely indecent.

Thank goodness I was discharged in less than 24 hours. Around the same time Mujahid was on his way home too. Thanks to Kakak & Abg Amin for helping us out. An 'infectious disease' specialist said I do not have to continue with Tamiflu, with approval of a gynaecologist, and I'm just so happy about that. But I really have to pray that my antibody is strong enough to kill away all the H1N1 virus inside me.

Now that we are home, I'd like to say thanks to all who have prayed for us. Mujahid's tummy is getting better and we hope the ulser that caused him to vomit blood will heal soon. We'll have to sit for special exams later, maybe in about three weeks time. For me it'll be two papers, but for Mujahid it'll be four, or three if he decides to dump his medical leave on the 9th.

Indeed, this is a tremendously great reminder from Allah s.w.t..

"And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.).
Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return." "
al-Baqarah: 155-156

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yasashiyusra - bintu wan abdul razak said...

salam..hope u re getting better... sorry for not being there.. but i'll awez pray for u