Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cover Girl

Adni Islamic SchoolAdd Video
brings to you

a performance themed


on 26th July 2009 Sunday, 2 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.

at KL Convention Centre

Directed by Erma Fatima & MC is Wardina.

open only to all sisters, wives & mothers :)


WOMEN as ordained by Allah s.w.t. have been endowed to receive God's creation. This is an honour and responsibility given and women are accountable for their part in shaping and molding the next generation. In realising the importance of women's role in our society from the beginning of time, Sekolah Islam Adni, is organizing ALL-Women theatre performance touching the life experiences of women in different countries that can be shared and learnt together.

The theme is "COVER GIRL". Cover Girl is the Muslim women who draw their outer garments around themselves. Cover girl is also the unique face that draws ones attention on a front page that highlights her beauty, dignity, honour and importance. That is the distinctive women, wives, mothers and sisters featured and honoured on the front page of life itself.

The entire stage show is produced, directed and managed by the women from the family of ADNI. Women who have carved a name for themselves in the society like Erma Fatima, is the Director of the play and Wardina is our MC for the evening. The scripts are written by the students, teachers and members of Adni Alumni.

Ticket prices RM 20, RM 40, RM 60, RM 100 & RM 200 each.
They are available at ADNI office in Taman Sri Ukay. Proceeds of the show will be donated to the Palestinians in Gaza.

enquiries: e-mail to nihlah.j@gmail.com (tickets also available with me)

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