Monday, February 16, 2009

gone forever, in just one night

many already know this news, but i hope no one will say " i never heard about this "..

Puan/Teacher Badariah passed away on Sunday, 15th February 2009, about 3 a.m. in the morning..

why? you would ask, because it was so sudden.

one of the blood vessel in her brain snapped due to high blood pressure, causing internal bleeding. of course it's only a reason/cause.

but to me, it's a very great reminder. just imagine, earlier that evening everything was as normal. she was having a meeting with my mom and jabbar also met her.. but suddenly the next morning all of us realize that we'll never see her again.. we'll never see Puan Badariah who watched us grow up in IIC and then Adni ever again..

to me, it's so sudden that i keep thinking..

when will my time come? will i be ready for that time? and will i be ready for all that i'll have to go through after leaving this world? but at the same time in my heart i somehow feel so arrogant towards my Creator.. it's like i'm so confident that death will not approach me, at least not in the near future.. astaghfirullah!! astaghfirullah!! astaghfirullah!!

ya Allah.. how has my heart turned so hard and black...
please protect me from your Hellfire ya Allah..
please ya Allah..


solahuddin the warrior said...

pun rasa 'terkejut'
dan sempat berfikir..
masanya akan sampai, tanpa apa2 amaran, dan takkan lewat sesaat pun dari yg ditetapkan

semoga danial dan adik2 diberi kekuatan, and semoga dimudahkan their life after this

p/s: teringat dgn 'kelincahan' Puan Badariah semasa di ADNI dulu

Anonymous said...

I'm also saddened with the loss. It has reminded me once again of how fragile and how fleeting life on this earth is. It also made me painfully aware of how I should make changes in my life before it's too late.

Rohaidzat said...

salam nihlah. been reading yr blog for quite sometime now.. just wondering, is this the puan badariah yang orang panggil "kak bad"? she's of medium built and height, hitam manis, and smiles a lot?

if its the correct description, i think ive met her, when i was working as a receptionist at IISKD bck then in year 2008. she's very close to teacher rozita/pn harlina...

nabilah h said...

sorry just now was hubby's account. it's nabilah hani :)