Thursday, July 31, 2008

more toys to play with!

kisah lepas solder PCB:

bro lab assistant (indonesian): wah pandai solder nya ya
syaz n i with confidence: alhamdulillah =P
bro lab assistant: tapi masak nggak pandai..
syaz n i: O__o* apa kena mengena..
p/s: it's not that i don't know how to cook, i just rarely got the chance to practice =P

final piece ready =P baru first PCB project, the circuit was really simple.
the 2nd project is getting more complicated, with timers and flip-flops O__o*

digital logic design 7-segment decoder
last tuesday tak siap experiment, only to know today that we connected the input to the wrong pin on the IC -__-" bila construct circuit tak betul, memang bazir masa betul..
but alhamdulillah we finally got the output!
aren't electronic engineers' toys cool =P hehehe..

sempat update walaupun tgh sakit kepala cam hape je ^__^

Thursday, July 24, 2008


hehehe.. cool toys! ^__^

PCB - printed circuit board

logic gates - full-adder circuit

CIE memang best! ^__^
subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


starting to get busy with school already O__o"
this week submissions:
- 1 DLD report
- 2 assignments
- 2 quizzes

still busy with planning of eventsSsSs for July-August
getting busy with another upcoming important event

and i only had less than 48 hours of headache-free life since last week!!

and i'm tired of questions like "SAKIT KEPALA LAGI? DAH CHECK DENGAN DOCTOR?"
please pLeaSe and PLEASE DON'T ask me that question for the rest of my life!! onegaishimas!! -__-"
if you want to show that you care, or you're worried, just remind me to take my meds and drink lots n lots of plain water.

oh, anything urgent, plz CALL. SMS texts will only be entertained when i have some free time to spare

cicak haritu...

i had another encounter with the lizard i 'met' yesterda..

i was leaning against the rear passenger door, talking on the phone when suddenly it crawled right over my shoulder!!! apa lagi, melompat terus la.. huhuhu..

fyi, it's not like i'm scared of cicak-s or anything.. but they're just, you know, it's not like you'll just let them crawl over you anytime anywhere O__o"

anyways, i asked Tikki to slow down, i opened the door a little while the car is still moving. pstu halau halau halau cicak tu until it jumped out of the car.. in the middle of the highway..

i assume it's dead already.. huhu..

pengajaran: *tiru style Sani =P*
- don't easily freak out when you're driving
- slow down (even from 100km/h to 80 km/h hahaha)

Friday, July 18, 2008

comel-est boys ^__^

Ammar started to 'interact' and 'communicate' recently ^__^

Nabil with his new haircut!! macam budak besar kan!
padahal baru 3 bulan..
Nabil memang sangat suka borak2 + senyum ^__^

they know each other's presence..
when one of them start to talk, the other will reply ^__^.
also when one start to cry, the other will too -__-"

oh they're just getting CUTER and CUTER!
subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!!

random =P

ding dong ^__^
masa untuk entry baru.

SAKIT KEPALA KU SUDAH HILANG!!! no more hammers and knives inside my head. but i can still sense the 'soreness' and 'tiredness' of my brain cells after dealing with a 6-day headache..
but alhamdulillah, it has GONE!!!!
and i hope it won't come back anytime soon!

okay okay, enough of headaches..

today i nearly bump into another accident!
uh-oh.. couple of weeks ago i hit the left divider at 7 in the morning, and kaboooom the front-left tyre.. huhu -__-"
hari ni pulak... ADA CICAK ON MY DASHBOARD appeared from NOWHERE!!
u know, LIZARD... O__o"
i was like so shocked and nearly freaked out that it would jump onto my hand or face anytime.. but i couldn't do a thing while driving..
so to get rid of the nervousness, this is what i did:

can u see it!!! huhuhu -__-"
then after few minutes it went back into some small slid.. huhu.. i bet it will just die in there someday and rot -__-" oh, does dead lizard stink??? >__<*
huhu.. kalau ye, habis la kita Tikki O__o*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

c r a c k ! ! O__o*

5 days of continuous, endless headache
and it doesn't seem like it's going to leave me anytime soon

my brain is cracking bit by bit
i hope i will survive

huhu.. dah lama tak sakit kepala sampai 5 hari..

sangat sAngAt tension..
sampai tak larat nak nangis dah

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kempen "Fast 2 Fund" Bermula !!

is BACK!!!

Rejab, Sya'ban & Ramadhan 1429

..RM 100 per person for Palestine..

Fast on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the
month of Rejab & Sya'ban
and complete obligatory fast for 30 days in Ramadhan!

save RM 100 from the budget allocated for lunch!

more info: visit

Monday, July 07, 2008

don't forget to remember !!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

back to school soon??? >__<"

oh oh oh!!
i forgot to yell this out!!

i've got my exam results,
and heyyy!! heyyyyyy!!!!!

although my cgpa dropped a little T__T

but alhamdulillah ^__^

subhanallah walhamdulillah wallahuakbar!

going back to school on monday nsyaAllah
but i still need to rearrange my academic schedule

coz i haven't fulfilled the minimum 12 credit hour for the coming sem!
and my taekwondo class in adni will be on tuesdays nsyaAllah

i have to take third year subjects! i have to i have to!

ya Allah please hold me through..
don't let me fall..
don't burden me with a burden i cannot bear..
ya Allah please..