Friday, September 14, 2007

A Dedication...

12 Sept 2007

a very special friend of mine
Aminatulmunirah bt. Kasim
flew to the UK
to study Medicine ^__^
at University of Leeds

Adni Alumni bid her goodbye...
at Adni's Casa Deli Cafe

all the Board of Directors @ Alumni Advisors
gave her (& us!) a bunch of advice...

Puan Laili my beloved mom ^__^

Pak Hasni d very wise man

n d very caring Puan Zaiton

may Allah grant Aminatulmunirah the best
in this world and in the Hereafter
and hold her strong, wherever she is...

ma'ssalama ya ukhti!!! ^__^

p/s: Sanah helwa to my strong Sis 'Abidah Ali!!!
May Allah shower His Blessings upon you forever...

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-[[`abyd]]- said...

Ey, Nela! Jazakillahu khayr! May Allah keep us amongst the pious! Love ya!