Friday, July 27, 2012


today someone bluntly accused me. i really feel like slapping her face (good thing she was not in front of me), but alhamdulillah my first words were spoken with some friendly intonations.

for the next three hours, i had to use all my energy to calm down..

earlier in the morning, i nearly got furious with some people who seemed to be very laid back in carrying out tasks. you know, like, when you give out some tasks n expect it to be done, or if not at least report back as soon as possible that some tasks were not carried out - for whatever reason.. with "ok ok takpe" i put down the phone n clenched my fists.

for the next hour, i just feel like finding everyone's flaws.

i'm exhausted. really exhausted. mentally, emotionally, and especially physically. i'm certainly not blaming this Ramadhan for not being able to eat, but i just know that i'm simply not physically fit. i really don't know what to do. eating right - and do what newlife teaches me - is really a challenge, and i'm definitely not into herbalife or shaklee.

i'm tired...
i ' m r e a l l y t i r e d . . .

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