Monday, August 08, 2011


that day when i couldn't get up due to migraine attack, my mom brought me to see a new doctor, a specialist in this blood thing - radiofrequency or something, i don't really remember because i was walking around like zombie during my visit there. i went there three times in july and august.

during my first visit, the doctor had a general check-up on me and found that my right eye was trembling. so he scheduled me for an MRI. although i had it once when i was about 16. so i went for an MRI, which costs me my mom actually RM950! i had the results only on my third visit, and alhamdulillah there was nothing wrong in my brain. at least nothing visible to the naked eye via MRI.

so the doctor diagnose my headache as migraine. to my disappointment, it seems like he doesn't have any interest in dealing with migraines. the doctor prescribed sibelium for me, but it doesn't help me much - actually, since my first visit i've never had any day free from headache. it's either pale, plain and very mild headache, or throbbing and stabbing until i feel numbness and nausea.

so, that's the end of the story. i don't have to see the doctor anymore, and i don't want to, because he doesn't seem to have any interest in dealing with the headache i have.

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