Tuesday, January 06, 2009

nela sombong

that day, i met my friends whom seldom met
and few of them commented--

"Nihlah sombong! dah tak tegur orang kat YM sejak kawin"


i was like-- helloo...
is it sejak kawin, or is it sejak zaman batu lagi??

uhh.. sungguh kecik hati

if only they try to get to know and understand what i do in every day of my life

how can i spend my time chit-chatting when i have tonnes of other things to be done???



hahaha.. yeah. nela mmg dari zaman batu sangat sombong.

but i know.. a lot of unfinished things to be done, aite? chaiyokk~ :D

syahida said...

jgn mrajuk lame2. hehe...
sabar ye sis.

kak Zinn said...

ha'a kan nela.. sometimes ppl only realize that we exist after something big happened to us, and then that's the time when they suddenly say, "hey you're getting further and further away from us"...

sebenarnya kan nela... buat tak tahu je.. jgn kecik hati.. senyum saja.. after all you've got your beloved right beside you right... lagipun tah2 they didnt mean to hurt u, just to mengusik.. furthermore life is different for you now.. anyways.... husnuzhon is the best cure for sakit2 hati ni :D

afrah-sefia said...

sori nihlah.. *i'm laughing so hard* but not at you; at the situation...

ok2.. dh x gelak dah.. sian nehlah, die geram2, lg org lain gelakkan.. aisey~

tp afrah sgt setuju ngan kak Zinn.. bila u dh kawen br org sedar; "eh, nehlah wujud la!!" --big surprise--

i'A sbb nehlah da tulis kat dlm blog ni, xde org ckp "nela sombong" lg (hopefully :D)

k, senanye saje drop by..
rindu nehlah :D

slm ya ukht ^__^