Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wake Up Oh Sleeping Hearts!

Training for Trainers
27 April 2008, Putrajaya
organized by Aman Palestin
conducted in Arabic! (with translators, of course)

subhanallah! quite a huge crowd compared to the past years!

Abu Hisham from Lubnan
conveyed the current situation of Gaza
sieged, continuous Israeli rocket & bomb attacks,
no electricity, no water, limited food & limited medication
and at least 150 people DIE EVERY DAY!
it's the largest jail ever existed on earth!

and where are we?
we keep saying "we don't have enough time!"
we keep saying "we have other commitments!"
we keep saying "we don't know what we can do!"

instill in our hearts the willingness to sacrifice for Palestine
gather determination to put intention into actions!

guess what???
the four guys standing on the right side of the chair
managed to LIFT the big guy sitting
(whom we 'labelled' as al-Aqsa & Palestine for the day)
using only 2 index fingers belonging to each person

can you see O__O the power of determination?
slot conducted by Dr. Isa Imad

another determination test
karate break a pencil using just one index finger
failed on my first attempt
but asked for another chance
- qarar (determination) - israr (start) - istimrar (continue) -
* plz correct me with the translation*

but nOt very surprising actually
bcoz it'd surely be a shame for a 3rd dan black belt to fail that!

anyways, back to the main topic

it's all about DETERMINATION
DON'T keep looking at our weaknesses
and say that we are not capable..
DON'T keep looking at our problems
and say we can't commit..

remember, the freedom of Al-Quds and the Land of the Prophets
is our responsibility
don't think about what other people do
if you yourself don't take action

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