Monday, February 25, 2008

of twins and/or triplets

last friday, i was in the kitchen making some bread & butter pudding for my 'anak usrah' aka colleagues, my sister came to look for breakfast. We were chatting when my eldest brother appeared and yelled out from afar "fuyoo macam TWINS" coz my sister n i both wore brown t-shirt & off-white slacks. we laughed sampai guling-guling so badly when my brother paused and remembered something. he looked at himself and found out that he was also wearing brown t-shirt & off-white slacks.

Ha ha ha ^__^
rase cam comel jer
i mean the incident, not mE or uS =P

tapi Ismail & Ishaq memang cOmEl!! ^__^

oops, ok ok, sambung study O__o"


Aneesah said...


I love the little amusing things in life!

Atikki said...

lol! X0