Sunday, October 21, 2007

s t r e n g t h

I have a very bad headache
for more than 5 days...
altho it slowly started on the first day of 'Eid
and increased exponentially...
it's a combination of what u see in d pic above:
cluster, tension, migraine +
what's not in d pic: pain at the back of the head & neck

one evening,
i was lying on the floor
crying so bad
punching my temple with my knuckles
when i got a very vEry beautiful 'present'...

"semoga Nela tak tewas dgn ujian ni..
al-Ankabut ayat 2
hadiah utk Nela.."

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying,
"We believe",
and that they will not be tested?

Once, I was drowning in my fears
and the twinkle in my eye disappeared
and I had no way to look on
my horizon seemed to have gone
and my whole life, seemed empty and bleak
each day and night, the answers I seek

But when, the darkness seemed so strong
and I couldn`t go on
to the sky I raised my hands
making right what was so wrong
I found the strength to carry on
up to heaven where I belong
In life, there are lessons to be learned
with steadfastness, Paradise is earned
and if, all hope seems to be gone
just hold on till after the storm
and if you ask, what purpose have I
why am I here, and why do I cry?

And when, the darkness seems so strong
and you just cant go on
pray for your helping hand
you`ll see the sun will rise again
you`ll find the strength to carry on
up to heaven where you belong
Coz life is but a journey for us all
we cry, we laugh, we run sometimes we fall
but through it all, always recall
God never gives, a burden too tall

God never gives, a burden too tall

but i still don't know how will i go through the next two weeks...
Assignments --> 22/10, 23/10
Tests --> 22/10, 25/10, 27/10
Final Exam --> 29/10, 31/10, 4/11, 4/11
ya Allah... I need strength and patience...
and a working brain...

credits: We we belong, Zain Bhikha
appreciation: ^__^ u know who u are
all praises: my Creator


syahida said...

Semoga diberikan kekuatan utk menghadapi uji & duga Ilahi..
Jaga kesihatan k...Moga cepat sihat & selalu sihat..=)

~ChimpFRIENDzee~ said...

Nihlah my dear..
Ana doa moga kesihatan anti baik sentiasa.
Risau lah dengan anti yang sgt kerap headaches ni.

Sakit tanda Kafarah.
Kafarah tanda sayang ALLAH.

Allah Ma'aki.

mujahid said...

=) nela yang tabah!!