Friday, February 16, 2007

Moral Vaccination!

note: an article dedicated to all who care for this world and Islam...

When a family gets a new baby, almost immediately after the congratulations, they take the baby to the doctor to get the vaccine shots. There is a vaccine against measles, against diphtheria, and polio....etc. Why do they do that?
Because the vaccine will give the child immunity against those diseases. Someone might ask, since these babies are at home and are not exposed to the infections, why then do they need the vaccination so early. The answer is that it is important to give the immunity before exposure to infection, so that later on when they are exposed to the infection, they would have acquired the immunity and they would resist that disease.

We are not only bodies but we have souls, and morality. There are moral illnesses and they are contagious. So this medical principle of early immunization also applies to the moral state of our souls. We need a moral vaccination to immunize the souls to be able to resist these moral illnesses.

That our society is full of moral illnesses does not require proof. It is a society infected with, violence, licentious sex, homosexuality, drugs and drinking. These are diseases and they are very infectious and our children are exposed to them. During their lives, at the early stage, whatever Mom says is correct. But then at a later stage there is PEER competition, a vigorous competition with which Mom and Dad do not have a chance.

The maximum influence on the child would then be his peer group, not his parents. They will influence his thinking, will provide the food for his thought. They constitute peer pressure, which is very powerful, and hence the child, unless previously vaccinated, can not be immune from catching those diseases.

Therefore we should make sure that in the limited window of time that we have, which is early childhood, we would vaccinate our children against those moral illnesses, so that at the time they get exposed to the infection, it would not be too late. They would have already acquired the resistance against those infections.

"Moral Vaccination" - Dr. Hassan Hathout

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