Saturday, November 27, 2010

the big-huge family!

it's been nearly two months since my last post..
sekarang nak menulis, tapi tgh tak tau nak start dari mana.. mungkin sebab dah lama sangat tak menulis kat blog ni sampai berkarat sikit idea nye.. huhu..

so let's start with my latest family picture..

taken on the recent Eid-ul-Adha at 'rumah besar' as referred by Nabil.

oh its so cute Nabil refers to Tok Ummi's house - the house he lives in - as 'rumah besar'. his parents bedroom is 'rumah Nabil', the house i'm living in is 'rumah Ikram', and so on.. he can even differentiate between Muja's Myvi and Kholah Tikki's Myvi although both are silver in colour. and he knows if the turqoise Hyundai Getz he sees on the road is not his mother's. such a brilliant boy, subhanallah!

Ammar is the second grandson of the huge family. he's also super-duper cute and clever. he's a huge fan of Tok Abah's iPad and calls it 'pad'. one day he was at his other grandfather's house and he wanted to play games on iPad. there was none there so his grandfather took out his laptop for Ammar. when all was set, Ammar touched the screen and nothing happened. he said, "rosak". LOL!

another cutesy little boy is Ishraf. he's now crawling actively and could stand up straight and strong while holding onto something. his smile is so adorable and bright and to me the smile says something like this: "i'm happy and nothing else matters ^_^"

baby Zayd oh baby Zayd! i've never seen the real him yet! i hope baby Zayd and his parents will come back home early next year. from his pictures and videos, i could tell he's one clever growing boy nshaAllah

baby Azzam is Nabil's little brother. he's so chubby and have double-triple chin! hehehe.. Nabil and his Papa was playing with him this morning and he got excited and smiled! subhanallah! i still remember the morning Ikram smiled his real smile for the first time. baby's smiles are always the best smiles in the world!

and Ikram... he's my little hero. he's growing up so fast now. he now can do 'commado crawls' - i.e. crawling on his tummy - and sit up on his own. one sad thing is, he went to nursery since early october and caught flu each and every week T__T everyone says is a normal thing for babies and there's nothing i should worry about since nursery is a perfect place to pass viruses, but i don't know if EVERY WEEK is normal enough. it's oh boy what a sad thing that is. but there's nothing much we can do now except to let him get a break from the nursery until i start my industrial training on 13th december..

hmm.. suddenly i remembered being very sad and disappointed one day before i had to submit my final year project report. people always asked me how is it to juggle between studies and taking care of a baby. i say, it's no difference than a working mother. there are times when you just have to leave the baby with his father or anyone else in order to tend to your other responsibilities. i got really sad when some people blame me for leaving my baby behind until late at night or on weekends. what can i do? when i do that, i made sure i was with him throughout the day, or else i would definitely bring him with me. it's sad to know that people only see the bad side of what you're doing. oh i should stop now or i will start crying.

this ikram warded at 5 months..

that was when i went through 'the worldly hell' i call it. worse than 12 years of migraine.

my heroes ^__^

right after i finish my FYP presentation, both of them fell very sick T__T i hope i could do more to provide them comfort.. get well soon ok Baba n Ikram, love you both very much!